Barbie 2.0 ready for a ‘gaming experience’

“The Barbie brand debuts an innovative, interactive gaming experience that gives tech-savvy girls a new way to play with fashion in today’s digital age.” Thus spoke Mattel in a press release detailing the launch of Barbie iDesign at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not since the Book of Revelation has a passage so cryptically (yet frighteningly) heralded the end of civilization. Mattel attempts to explain: “Barbie iDesign is the newest introduction from the Barbie Tech group, and builds on the success of Barbie Girls, a hybrid play experience that combines a real world, doll-inspired music device with a virtual world platform.” It’s real! It’s virtual! It’s got dolls and music! Barbie’s got a “Tech Group”! Just give us some money! I suppose we shouldn’t worry. The way Mattel’s been going, Barbie iDesign’s recall is probably just around the corner.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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