Abstinence is easy if you have ugly friends

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin and Milwaukee’s Serve Marketing are taking “a less dogmatic approach” to advocating teenage abstinence. This means threatening them with herpes. At least, that’s happens when you dare to suggest on the Maybe You Should Wait Web site that maybe you’d like some action. This is also their idea of winking, subtle humor. However, if you’re interested in waiting to have sex, you get to enjoy a fake infomercial in which Dr. Richard (get it? Dick!) Woody hawks all manner of products to make you (and others) as physically unappealing as possible, to make abstinence easier. But this project, like all of its peers, is doomed, as band camps across America have shown us. Perhaps they could try some of that “comprehensive sex education, which includes lessons on safer sex,” that they claim to have.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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