These Are the Players in 5G — and Here's How They Can Win

The who’s who of 5G are an alliance of global powers acting as both friend and foe.

They include operators like Verizon, T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom and AT&T; vendors such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE, which build the tech that would deploy 5G; and chipset manufacturers like Intel and Qualcomm, whose processors power things like smartphones and autonomous cars.

Big money to be made on new equipment and services provides a big reason for the companies to team up. “Right now, we are in this pre-standard phase which is always a little bit like the wild west,” said Helena Norrman, chief marketing officer at Ericsson. “Standards sometimes may not be equally good for companies because some companies can make more money if they make their own, depending on which businesses they’re pursuing.”

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