Superfan by Madras Global

The concept is inspired by nature. Birds, dragonflies, and butterflies are anatomically structured in a way that they can fly without much effort throughout their life-span.

Flight is at the core of their survival. Similarly, Superfan as a brand wields a range of products that echo effortlessness and efficiency.

With a far more modern structure and technical capabilities, they fly all day and night, throughout the year keeping the people of South India comfortable in their homes.

This, while also saving energy and electricity. They are ‘shaped to fly’.

Advertising Agency: Madras Brand Solutions, India
President: Vikram Menon
Senior Vice President: Sriram Sunder
Creative Directors: Ajit Devadason, Sendil Kumar
Art Directors: Vinay Saya, Ajit Devadason
Copywriters: Sendil Kumar, Ajay S Kurpad
Illustrator: Vinay Saya

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