Why You Need To Be Preparing For Autumn And Winter Now

Don’t wait for winter

Whilst it has been a bit of a wet cold summer in the UK, it can still be difficult to get ourselves prepared for winter during the summer months. However, to have a comfortable and affordable winter, it’s worth preparing now to get ahead of the game.
Energy bills were a huge concern last winter and whilst they look set to be lower this year, it’s worth being prepared for any unpredictability and cutting costs where you can during this cost-of-living crisis.
One of the easiest ways you can reduce your energy bills is by investing in sustainable updates to your home such as loft and cavity wall insulation, double or triple glazing, draft excluders, and low-energy appliances.
Looking into these updates during the summer means you can often obtain things cheaper or more easily when there is less demand. Why not look into what grants are available from your local council for upgrades to help offset costs?

What low cost easy changes can I make?

If it’s not affordable or viable for you to update your home with sustainable fittings, there are some less intrusive investments you can make to make your home comfortable this winter and keep costs down.
For example, thick insulating blinds or curtains can help keep the heat in your home escaping from windows. A thermal blanket can keep you warm without heating the whole house or portable heaters can keep a room or space warm.
When opting for a portable heater, it’s important to find an efficient model to keep costs low, some can cost as much as 30p a minute to run so it’s worth doing your research. Tubular heaters are one of the most affordable and unobtrusive ways of helping to heat a room or providing background heat.
Running on electricity, they can cost less than 2p an hour to run depending on your energy tarrif, so will barely make a dent in your energy bill whilst saving you money and keeping you warm. These tube heaters can be fixed to a wall, so they are out of the way – meaning they are ideal even if space is limited.
They are an ideal solution for home offices where you need concentrated heat, to provide background heat around the home, for loft conversions and for outdoor environments too such as garages, garden bars and summer houses.

Start your winter prep now

Whilst it seems depressing thinking about winter in the summer, getting ahead means you can relax when the weather gets cooler knowing you have made the changes needed to make your home comfortable.
Begin by doing your research and looking into what energy-saving solutions you can bring to your home. Remember, whilst some may feel a high initial investment, many of these will pay for themselves in the savings you make.

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