Who the hell was this intended for?

I was watching some Ms. Paula Dean a bit on Sunday and I noticed a campaign that had run a few spots in a couple of hours. It was from the Foundation for a Better Life.

One of the spots was about reaching out to a new girl in school as she would inevitably be shunned everywhere. Of course in this commercial the new girl was a cutsy blonde teenager whom life must be very tough for being an attractive white girl. Not an acne ridden ginger kid with a sunken chest… that wouldn’t sell.

But I digress… As silly as it seems to me for commercial to be teaching values to children – “parents, where the fuck are you?” – but what shitty/diva/bitchy teenager will be watching Paula Dean on a Sunday afternoon? WHO THE HELL IS YOUR MEDIA PLANNER!?!?!?!?

And stop preching! Seriously, what the fuck?

Peace in the Middle East YALL

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