What’s Sexy?

Let me say this, if anybody says “2 girls 1 cup” on the comment section, please go ahead and euthanize yourself because poo-fun/poo-sex is not cool EVER; and on a side note the fact that that has become an internet sensation makes me think that the apocalypse is near.

Okay, now that that’s done, I am serious when I ask “what’s sexy these days?” I mean these days, most of what’s out there is self-aware ironic like the K-Fed rap commercial (I hope no ladies ever felt that dingleberry is/was sexy) or whorish like the Paris Hilton FatAss Burger Ad. There is little grace and seduction and restrained beauty in advertising these days (of course I could be wrong, hence comment section); and to be honest I am a fun loving red bloodied American but there is nothing really that screams sex appeal to me these days.

If anybody remembers this one diamond ad I am about to describe please send the link in the comments section, I found the scenario very subtly sexy and beautiful; let me explain: the spot was shot in black and white and a beautiful woman in a short dress comes running down the stairs – all the while a Moby song plays in the background – and she opens the front door and her fella is standing there in the rain holding an umbrella and he sees what we have all seen, a stunningly beautiful woman, and he lets the umbrella slowly fall to the side ignoring the rain…. NOW THAT’S HOT!

What do you guys think was sexy this year?

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