Today’s Hot Chili – Globes Gives Cash Back

Hitting ‘em where it hurts, that’s what they’re doing. The writers have finally struck a coupe with their strike. With word that the actors union, SAG, would stand by the writers and not only refuse to appear or present, but also picket the event, the Hollywood Foreign Press had no choice but to let go of all hope and abandon the ship at sea. The alternative programming planned to take the place of Globes, while certainly different, still offers the opportunity for advertisers to run their ads in conjuction with some great movie awards. Word on the street is that they are planning a one hour newscast during which time the winners will be announced. How does, “The Golden Globes Telecast with Katie Couric” sound? Sorry, I think I just made the ratings even lower. But what if she wears an Oscar de la horrentous dress with tons of cleavage? Nah, no, even lower there. But wait! The news is more entertainment then entertainment itself these days, so perhaps it is a fit. Let’s get Anne Coulter to come on with her bad energy and rag on The Great Debaters…she can scream at the camera about how Oprah is pandering and award the ultimate honor to No Country For Old Men (especially since this is her favorite social class). Word just came down that they will be pushing the Steven Spielberg tribute to ‘09. Truly, it is the ulitmate show down between digital rights and the big guns and this is the perfect stage for it. ET, phone home… poor Hollywood Foreign Press trapped between Mom and Dad. Why can’t we all just get along?

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