The Marketing of Politics – The ‘08 Race

Okay…who has the best brand in this race? Tough question, right? It all depends on what attracts you most and what your image of our next President should be.

Is it character? How about leadership? Does experience matter… and, if so, what kind of experience? How smart is the candidate? How likable? Does he or she look and/or sound “Presidential”? And, the all-important buzz word after most eight-year Presidencies, “change.” Is being a change agent an important and desirable brand quality here?

Mitt Romney

Who’s got the right stuff this time around? For the Republicans, is Rudy the best leader with concrete results in public office? Is Mitt the most well-rounded manager – public and private success story? And, just who is this guy Huckabee? For the Democrats, does Hillary really have a lock on experience? Is Barack the kind of change agent that brings us back to the excitement of Jack Kennedy? And, are we ready to embrace the populist approach of John Edwards?

Jump in…let’s discuss.

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