The Magic of 5G: Faster Web, Less Wire and Innovative Plays for Marketers

Telecoms like AT&T and Verizon will deliver 5G to select cities in the U.S. this year using fixed wireless technology, giving consumers a taste of multi-gigabit internet speeds at home.

In perhaps the biggest effort, Verizon plans to bring 5G fixed wireless to 11 major cities by midyear. AT&T aims to deliver it to DirectTV subscribers in Austin, Texas. Each claims that its individual wireless tech can reach velocities several times faster than Google’s high-speed Fiber network.

Empowering consumers with multi-gigabit speeds will let them stream video in 4K or download movies in just a few seconds. In the future, moreover, fixed wireless might bring high-speed internet access to the 34 million Americans in sparsely populated areas who still don’t have broadband today, opening a new segment for marketers to reach. Those two possibilities alone could upend traditional internet providers and also give marketers an opportunity to try new, innovative ideas with consumers like social VR or interactive video.

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