TAXI creates coats for homeless people that insulate with newspaper.

15 below project was born on Taxi’s 15th anniversary. With it TAXI want too create ideas that give back to the community. Their first initiative is survival gear for the homeless – a jacket lined with pockets that can be filled with newspaper which keeps people warn even when temperatures drop to -15 degrees. The coat is made from Aquamax, a waterproof, breathable fabric laminated with a nonporous membrane. Taxi plans to ship 3,000 coats in 2008 to cities where Taxi has set up shop, including Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, and New York.

Steve Mykolyn testing out the coat in a freezer. watch a film of the test here

“I never felt cold, it was perfect,” Mykolyn said in an interview with “I had to test it out, because as a creative director I’m the last signature on a piece of advertising, so I wanted to bring that same level of high standards to this coat.”

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