Swiss Cancer League: Recipes rewritten

Eating is more than nutrition and culinary enjoyment. Eating together integrates us into a community. Unfortunately, this is lost on those affected by cancer. Two out of three cancer patients suffer from changes in taste due to cancer or therapy. Therefore, eating is difficult for them, and they lose essential social support. Since the topic is little known and is also only treated in a medical-technical way, the Swiss Cancer League wants to make this topic emotionally accessible.

In the culinary experiment “RECIPES rewritten”, three internationally renowned top chefs prepare their best-known signature dishes to fit the taste changes of people affected by cancer. In a tasting with people affected by cancer, the chefs adapted their recipes to reflect the changes in taste. The rewritten recipes were then made available online for downloading, along with tips on nutrition and cooking to be recooked by cancer patients and their loved ones. The emotional short film documented this culinary experiment and is the core of the execution.

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