Svedka Pulls the Plug on Its Sexy Robot for New Campaign

The Svedka femme-bot is going into semi-retirement.

After fronting the brand’s advertising for years, the curvaceous and polarizing metallic mascot will be relegated to the sidelines for a campaign debuting this spring that takes a more product-focused approach touting new flavors like orange cream pop.

But fans of the sexy robot can relax. She is not being tossed to the scrap heap entirely. The brand still plans to use her in social media, point-of-sale marketing and at events. “I think she’s worked very hard for us and she’s played a very key role,” Diana Pawlik, Svedka VP of marketing, told Ad Age. “But right now the focus is about the character of the flavor and the character of the experience from enjoying and indulging in the new flavors.”

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