Social messaging on the cheap

I stumbled across this short clip and found it interesting – if nothing else than from a media perspective. Often, social messages are relegated to the :30 psa via tv or radio, and more critical messages generally require multi-stage campaigns covering the gamut of media. I’m not saying multi-level social messaging/public service campaigns aren’t effective, but it’s refreshing — and an interesting reminder — to see something done like this:

The post-it note campaign was launched by a Dutch group Vandaler Mod Vold (Vandals Against Violence) in response to recent incidents of violence in Copenhagen. The post-it notes placed throughout the city carry handwritten messages along the lines of “only the weak resort to violence.”

While I’m not necessarily advocating a campaign of handwritten notes plastered around a city, it’s important to remember that a few bucks worth of post-it notes and a few sharpies can do a good bit of messaging. Giant (expensive) executions aren’t always a requirement, and there are still ways to execute strong messaging without breaking the bank. more (in Danish) here.

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