Scratch And Win The Caucus

Over at, Roger Simon reveals Hillary Clinton’s latest tactic to win support in Iowa:

A campaign with limited resources would forget about the expansion voters and just go after the provens and potentials.

But the Clinton campaign has been sending out a special glossy mailing to expansion voters. On the bottom is a scratch card that says: “Itching for change? Show your support for Hillary. Scratch to win your special limited edition gift.”

When you scratch the card, you find out that you have won a travel mug. You mail the card in with your address, and the campaign sends you a free mug.

The campaign then follows up with a call, and if it gets a positive response, a volunteer will come knocking on your door.

“The idea isn’t to find out who wants a free mug; everyone wants a free mug,” a Clinton staffer said. “The idea is to see who is favorable to Hillary Clinton so we can begin a conversation with them.”

This is obviously a very expensive way to start a conversation and get a vote.

When you don’t live in one of the few battleground states/cities that politicians really care about, you never get to see stuff like this.

Is this what politics is? Is a scratch-and-sniff piece next?

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