Recordable TV paves way for rampant sex

Whether you’re a teen, a twenty-something or a swingin’ senior, it’s just a matter of time before carnal lust disrupts your enjoyment of television. That’s apparently why LG has created a TV with a built-in, TiVo-style recorder. Or at least that’s how they’re advertising it in this sex-fueled spot by Euro RSCG. So, does LG really want you to spend more time knockin’ junk instead of watching soccer? Well, their press release conspicuously doesn’t promise spontaneous nudity. But it does say the device’s memory is large enough “to record all 57 of the Euro 2008 games.” Man, you’re gonna be sore by the time you get around to watching all that. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner

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