Really? This is how far we’ve fallen.


The copy, with annotation, follows.

“The most outstanding glass and steel hi-rise (rising penis, no doubt) in Printer’s Row is doable (get it, it’s a pun because the hot girl in the picture is doable too!). Close to the most popular nightlife (Lots of hot ho’s who love big wallets) and shops in the neighborhood (Screw shopping? Where the chicks at?), Burnham Pointe is Chicago’s ‘NOW’ building. (Now with more access to big tits and tight jeans) With amenities including resistance pool, hot tub, (How many times has a BP resident stuck his thing into a girl’s thing in here) fully equipped fitness center (sweaty residents! TONS of MILFs!) and sundeck (Can you say orgy!) all waiting to be customized to your taste. At these attractive prices, Burnham Pointe is within your reach. (around, reach around).”

Come on man. This is brutal.

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