Publishers' Delay Is Holding Chase Back From Going All-In on Ads.txt

JPMorgan Chase turned heads last March when it slashed the number of sites where its ads appeared to 5,000 from some 400,000. The move, prompted by brand safety concerns, came after Chase found ad-tech systems placing its ads on websites like “Hillary 4 Prison.”

Today, the company buys from roughly 7,000 websites that it’s manually added to a so-called “whitelist,” which largely consists of premium, well-known publications, Jake Davidow, head of media buying at JPMorgan Chase, tells Ad Age. (Its new buying process has reduced detected fraud by 49 percent and increased ad viewability 5 percent, he said at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O conference.)

And yet Chase remains vulnerable to an ever-growing scam known as “domain spoofing,” in which fraudsters pose as premium sitesperhaps the same sites that appear on Chase’s whitelist.

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