PC and Mac go toe to toe with Christmas greeting

Talk computers with a group of wired types, and one fact will become evident. Fans of the Mac swear by the product with fervor normally found at a tent revival in a small town where religion is a passion rather than a pastime. The journalists and graphic artists I know are especially fond of Mac, and these professionals sing the praises of that product so consistently I’m thinking of going that route when my current PC goes wherever a PC goes once its purpose becomes irrelevant.

The Christmas ad touting the Mac over the standard PC is a model of subliminal and direct messaging. For one thing, the Mac fan looks the part, down to the baggy jeans and sparse hair tufts on his chin. The PC fan fits the bill—a run of the mill management type in a tie and khakis, who buys into his product without question—brainwashing comes to mind.

The ad carries a message in low-key style typical of a company that makes a quiet no-frills statement and who has carved a niche for itself by offering less not more only in the messaging style. The humor can be appreciated—even Santa (not thinned down here for political correctness, but shown in jolly fat elf mode) casts a doubtful eye at the PC fan as he breaks the rhythm of the popular Christmas song. Making a strong suggestion without alienating or viciously bashing the competition—that’s a Mac trademark, and it works well in this Apple commercial, especially with Santa the central figure who, by directing a simple glance full of meaning, apparently agrees with the geek. In other words, what’s good for Santa should be good for us.

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