Pay it forward Starbucks Holiday cheer – presumably happens in drive-throughs.

I didn’t even know that Starbucks had drive-throughs, I mean if they do then why the hell does Britney Trainwreck Spears keep stopping for her double-grande-3000-calorie grande-venti-fix with whip cream while hordes of paparazzi cover her every step? Oh. Nevermind.

I did know that Starbucks had a Cheer Pass promotion:

The cards were handed out at Starbucks locations last month, and this month at various surprise events along with free beverages or other treats.
The cards carry messaging that encourages people to do something nice for someone and then to pass the card along to someone else who in turn offers an act of kindness and on it goes.

Now news stations are reporting on random acts of holiday cheer – Chain Of Kindness Runs Through Starbucks Drive-Through somewhere in Florida – where presumably a Tai-Chi master started the chain to teach the impatient guy behind him a little zen. Yeah, that doesn’t sound in the least bit scripted. But that’s not the only report of such a chain, Pittsburg live reports that it happened in Starbucks in the Greengate Centre in Hempfield, and the intarwebs is a-buzzing with this story check the comments here at Metafilter for some “It happened to my sister”, though yes they are being sarcastic. Even Starbucks cups carry a story about someone passing the cheer on except then it happened in Riverside, California. Either this is happening everywhere or someone is just making this crap up – what do you think?

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