The Digital Pitch

The rise of the digital media gives advertisers unprecedented access to your personal life. With billions of dollars at stake, corporations are using this powerful medium to hone their ads precisely to your interests and unconsciously influence your ideas and values.

cosasnotansimples at DesignYouTrust


Today I noticed that my website had climbed a few spots more than ussual in the Blogalaxia rank, which then led me to check my stats to find out that my web had been featured at the always awesome DesignYouTrust, a blog dedicated to showcase graphic design at its best around the world.
An absolute and total honor that leaves me more than happy with renewed energy to keep working.

V Water London



Hotshop Awards 2007


Australian Creative magazine are again running their Hotshop award for 2007. This time they remembered to include “Digital/Interactive” in the official entry form!

It’s $110 an entry and entries close Jan 23, 2008 so plenty of time to get a sexy looking entry together. Last year there were around 11 interactive agencies who entered. Let’s see if we can boost that up for this year.

Munk Yourself!


20th Century Fox wants you to Munk Yourself for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Create your own chipmunk character and record a custom message (which gets chipmunkatized) and send it on to friends. It’s similar to Simpsons avatar or Simponize Me, except the emphasis is on recording your own message and the users voice rather than uploading your face.

Designed and built by Soap Creative using Oddcast technology.

The Simple Life: How To Bring The Land Back To Us

Long before organic grocery stores and hybrid cars, our grandparents led the kind of sustainable lifestyle that everyone from environmentalists to celebrities are now endorsing. As the world struggles with its ecological crisis, it’s time to look back at how the previous generations lived if we want to save the planet for the next.

Changing Climate

Once the preserve almost exclusively of environmentalists and scientists, 2007 was the year when climate change went big business. But this corporate volte-face raises some serious problems about  whether we should accept this overture or steer clear of what still looks like industry greenwashing.

Fred Eerdekens



What you can do by proyecting shadows.

Bearded Ski mask


Gotta get me one of these… and so can you for about US$135.

Treuce with my server


If you were around my website in the last 4 or 5 days, you might have noticed that sometimes it appeared full, other times some posts were missing, then some comments and so on. I even think one or two posts were lost for good.
The thing is after some conversations with my hosting provider and their really good attention, en theroy my website is now fully functional as it should be. No missing contents, no bugs, no nothing. Or at least it should.
So to all of you who saw my website pop up differently every time you went into it, my appologies, and if you have a comment, complaint, advice, etc. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to this entry.
Much love everyone and thanks for visiting my website.

Ben Newman + Ric Stultz + Joe Infurnari

Ben Newman

  • Ben Newman est un illustrateur de Bristol. Le style très découpage + matière trash est cool :)

Ric Stultz

Joe Infurnari

  • Joe Infurnari a réalisé une BD en ligne appelé The Process que je vous invite à lire.
  • Il a un site très complet sur ses réalisations graphiques… Il est fort ;)

The Futures Channel


I got to this website through a post in ComputerLove about cell phones design and the importance of millimeters. A really good video, but then I noticed on the side there was this video about skateboards design, and after I saw that one, I saw another one about bicycle design, and then another about guitars design, and I’ve been hopping from video to video throughout all morning.
An excelent website with videos on science applied to non-traditional matters under the m.o. “Connecting learning to the real world”.
Link: The Futures Channel.

Tim Jarvis – Magnasoma




Been obsessed with waves and geometrical shapes for quite some time now, and it seems like Tim Jarvis knows a thing or two about those things.
Link: Tim Jarvis.
Via: Evasèe.

Chiara Bautista + 40 logiciels libres de graphisme + Tutorial Digital Painting

Chiara Bautista

  • Chiara Bautista connu sous le nom de Milk (Lait…) est une illustratrice qui déchire vivant en Arizone, USA.
  • Ses travaux sont visibles sur son MySpace… Très orienté catcheuse mexicaine et petits oiseaux… drôle de mélange.

40 logiciels libres graphisme

  • Le blog Bite Us nous offre un bon post avec 40 logiciels gratuits pour le graphisme, beaucoup venant du monde linux ;)
  • Cela ne vaut pas une bonne suite Adobe, mais au moins c’est gratuit et légal ;) Faites vous plaisir !

Tutorial Digital Painting

  • Juste pour le plaisir, un petit tuto pour colorer vos dessins par ordinateur.
  • Je sais que ce n’est pas le seul (j’en ai pleins…) et je pense que si ça intéresse des gens, je les mettrais avec plaisir ^_^ !

OblongoMag vol. 1


Exactly one week ago, Pablo Coatts, the mind behind spanish-speaking e-zine OblongoMag asked Victor Fernández, Claudio Araos and who’s writing to become a part of the e-zine’s regular staff.
With great enthusiasm we accepted the challenge and today finally, after a lot of work we’ve released to the public OblongoMag’s official website, the blog, and issue number 1 of the electronic magazine.
You can download issue number 0 as well as the all new issue number 1, and without a doubt I leave you an invitation to check out the website I mounted entirely from the ground up and that has me really quite satisfied.
I’d enormously appreciate any kind of feedback on the e-zine, the website or the overall content.
Greetings to all of you wandering around here.

Jackson Pollock + + Logos vectoriels

  • Oui, je sais, les posts se font rares…
  • Il faut que je me rode entre les sorties, le travail, le chat, les dessins et le blog… Tout change beaucoup en ce moment pour moi.
  • Voilà, pour l’intro ;)

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

  • est la nouvelle solution pour les créateurs de BD en ligne. Beaucoup plus pratique qu’un simple blog, cet outil a été développé tout spécialement pour la publication de BD comme le font déjà les américains ou les coréens par exemple, mais en mieux parait il ;) .
  • Dommage, je ne peux pas faire un comic strip qui se suit (avec une histoire quoi) par manque de temps et d’imagination (le travail, ça me lobotomise, je suis trop concentré)

All free logos

  • Vous connaissez sans doute tous la logothèque, qui propose beaucoup de logo en vectoriel qu’on retrouve en France, et bien allfreelogo, se la joue à l’international (beaucoup US…)





Awesome interface, awesome interactivity, awesome response, awesome functions, ultra-awesome typographies.
Via: NiceToMeetYou.

DAF madeover


Amazing chilean design studio DAF recently launched their spanking new website.
Check their motion reel also ‘cuase it’s red hot.
Much respect to these compatriots who really know how it’s done.

Jan Von Holleben + Kaela Graham + Ron Winter

Jan Von Holleben

  • Jan Von Holleben est un photographe allemand qui a fait le tour du web avec sa série de photos « dreams of flying« .
  • Ci-dessus est un bon exemple, mais la série vaut le coup d’œil.

Kaela Graham

  • Kaela Graham est une illustratrice américaine qui a son style bien à elle, même en utilisant tout pleins de médiums.
  • Parfois gore mais toujours génial, je vous invite à tout regarder :)

Ron Winter

  • Ron Winter est un directeur artistique américain spécialisé dans la vidéo.
  • C’est de toute beauuuuté :) même si le site en lui-même n’invite malheureusement pas à la découverte :???:

Yannick Thomé + Edwin Fotheringham + Urban Dirty

Yannick Thomé

  • Yannick Thomé est un illustrateur français. Son style très épuré et enfantin est bien plaisant.
  • Dommage que le blog ne soit pas mis à jour régulièrement :(

Edwin Fotheringham

  • Ed (Edwin) Fotheringham est un affichiste et illustrateur américain dont les illustrations et les mises en page sont à couper le souffle :)

Urban Dirty

  • Urban Dirty est un « blog » sur lequel régulièrement vous pouvez récupérer des textures « trashs » ou « de la rue ».
  • Bonne qualité et lien RSS, ça a tout pour plaire.

Pour les photos, Virtual Hosting Blog (lien retiré par requête) propose 100 sites en proposant gratuitement ! :D

  • Bon marché :)