Brand Personalization – Customize Your Scion Speak’s Logo

It’s all you, you, you. Well for Scion anyway, which is launching Scion Speak, which allows the car brand’s enthusiasts to personalize their vehicles yet further with custom-made modern age heraldic crests reflecting their lifestyle and passions. Designed in consultation with the fiercely loyal Scio…

I Thought It Was the Carnival, But It Was Just DHA Omega-3


I found this really weird image in Real Simple for Life’s DHA, a company that promotes consumption of DHA Omega-3 in products like Yoplait yogurt, Horizon Organic milk and Silk soymilk.

Google Might Axe 300 DoubleClick Jobs, Mostly Stateside, and Shafts Performics


With its acquisition of DoubleClick finally secure, Google gets down to the more controversial part of not being evil: axing a shit-ton of jobs.

Microsoft Surface Launches – April 17 with AT & T

The long awaited Microsoft Surface table is about to get its first rollout on 17 April, 2008 at 12 select AT&T;stores in four cities.

The accompanying video demonstrates the exciting use of this innovative technolog for AT&T;customers. It ushers a new era of customer service and creative ways for y…

Hey Look, Another Riff on the Periodic Table. And with Widgets!


“Get a Happy Face,” St. Ives’ virgin foray in digital marketing, launched today. Each St. Ives Elements product page includes a cereal surprise: widgets that help improve your life!

Tattoo Shaving – Schick Power of 4 Campaign

How creative are these print ads?

In order to show how you will get an extremely close shave using Schick quadruple razors, “the power of 4” campaign shows the tattoos themselves being ‘shaved.’

And by shaved we mean a tiger is skinned, an ancient warrior’s beard is shaved and two sexy girls’ head…

SRV: Beehive

SRV: Beehive

Advertising Agency: Publicis Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Anthony Wolch
Art Director: Sami Anttila
Copywriter: Tomi Winberg
Photographer: Thomas Herbrich

The Gobelins, as woven by a computer

During the Middle Age and Renaissance tapestries had a role similar to the one wallpapers have today. You would not use them as carpet and just throw them on the floor, no no no, you would hang them on the walls to decorate the room, insulate the walls of your castle during winter, and delight your guests. Kings and noblemen would roll up and transport tapestries from one residence to another.

Margret Eicher, Eins, Zwei, Drei (not part of the DAM exhibition)

Margret Eicher has revamped the old tradition of the gobelins tapestry (which dates back to the 15th century but keeps receiving some attention from contemporary artists) except that instead of hand-embroidered tapestries, sewed by skilled craftsmen/craftswomen, the tapestries are refined industrial products, woven by a computer.

Scenes depicted in the Gobelins were usually inspired from famous paintings or religious art. Eicher remained truthful to this inspiration and uses the pillars of modern days religion and visual culture -TV series, video game and luxury- to set the scene of her tapestries.

Margret Eicher, Die 5 Tugenden (The 5 Virtues), Tapestry, 2008

The three large-format tapestries exhibited until May 17 at the [DAM] gallery in Berlin, show different aspects of femininity. Desperate Housewives Bree, Gabrielle, Suzan, Linette and Edie hold freshly-baked cookies and show their best profile, on another tapestry high-heeled ladies wrapped and coiffed in fur defiantly look at you and on the third one young couples frolic under the bored gaze of Lara Croft.

Eicher’s digitally woven collages compile pictures with a political background with sexy D&G style advertisement found in the pages of glossy fashion magazines to realize astute portraits of our times.

Margret Eicher, Erste Nacht, 2008

Some more images of the tapestries. I couldn’t help taking others.
The exhibition runs at [DAM]Berlin until May 17, 2008.


Previously at [DAM]Berlin : A conversation about exhibiting and selling digital fine art and Generator x – Beyond the Screen.

Sexvertising – ‘Most Sought After Box on The Planet’?

Talk about product placement!

Placing your product between the open legs of bikini-clad famous fitness model Marzia Prince, the 2007 Ms. “Bikini Universe” is bound to grab people’s (ok, guys) attention.

With a eye-popping headline of “The most sought after box on the planet”, a box of Gaspari Nutr…

Shopping by Text Message – Amazon TextBuyIt

Shopaholics rejoice! Let us do the dance of joy! On Tuesday Amazon launched TextBuyIt, letting people text the name of a product, description, UPC or ISBN to the numbers “262966” (which is Amazon on the keypad), so we can buy from our cell phones, including from inside stores.

The service returns …

NBC Schedule Reveals Turmoil in TV

NBC on Wednesday unveiled a programming schedule whose broad strokes reflect some of the new realities for network TV: a limited number of program launches, potentially shorter runs of new shows, and non-traditional alliances with advertisers and other media outlets to keep some programs on the air.

Fashion Raingear – Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrellas (GALLERY)

( Guy de Jean for Jean Paul Gaultier, is having a ball designing extravagant umbrellas to represent various sexy women’s outfits. From the sexy lingerie model to the inside out design, these water shedders are sure to turn heads – as well as keep you dry. These are not parasols, BTW: parasols are mean…

Dieste Harmel Names New CEO

NEW YORK ( — Former MTV executive Melisa Quinoy is the new CEO of U.S. Hispanic agency Dieste, Harmel & Partners, Dallas, following a search led by Omnicom Group to replace Warren Harmel, who at the end of 2007 quietly left the agency he co-founded in 1995.

Medal of honor: Back home

Medal of honor: Back home

Advertising Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Doha, Qatar
Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Kalpesh Patankar
Art Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Photographers: Jeremy Wong, Nemesis Pictures
Illustrator: Mirage Works
Account Supervisor: Charbel Mezher

Are Your Product Placements ‘Spectacularly Average’?

NEW YORK ( — When it comes to product placement, conventional wisdom says a reality TV show is your best bet. Notable appearances by famous names such as AT&T, Chrysler and Coca-Cola in programs including "American Idol" and "The Apprentice" have provided textbook examples of how reality programs can help burnish popular goods. But what if marketers aren't using the programs as wisely as they could?

Congress Moves Closer to Tobacco Clampdown

WASHINGTON ( — Despite a vociferous offense from tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds and pro-advertising groups, legislation to turn tobacco regulation over to the Food and Drug Administration sailed through a House committee today on a 38 to 12 vote. The legislation would allow the most severe ad curbs ever imposed on a consumer product by the U.S. government.

Mean Ol’ Wal-Mart Ads Win an Award

Perhaps only in the ad industry can advertiser have its wrist slapped for making misleading ads one day by one industry group and be lauded for the effectiveness of those ads by another the next. Wal-Mart's "Save Money. Live Better" campaign wins a David Ogilvy award for research one day after being deemed misleading by NAD.

Hip Study Spaces – Ørestad College (GALLERY)

( Seriously! If we’d had colleges that looked like this, some of us might have stayed long enough to graduate! But then again, Ørestad College in Copenhagen, Denmark is just about the the coolest study space I’ve ever seen and studying may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Open, airy spaces …

Maroñas Entertainment race course: Rivals

Maroñas Entertainment race course: Rivals

I don’t know many of my rivals, but I know that they know me very well. From Behind.

Advertising Agency: DDB Uruguay
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pablo Alvarez
Art Directors: Pablo Alvarez, Guillermo Varela
Illustrator: Veronica Navarro
Published: February 2008

Maroñas Entertainment race course: Head

Maroñas Entertainment race course: Head

Some believe the ‘head to head’ motivates me. But what really motivates me, is that my rivals watch me win from up close.

Advertising Agency: DDB Uruguay
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pablo Alvarez
Art Directors: Pablo Alvarez, Guillermo Varela
Illustrator: Mika Ish
Published: February 2008