OblongoMag vol. 1


Exactly one week ago, Pablo Coatts, the mind behind spanish-speaking e-zine OblongoMag asked Victor Fernández, Claudio Araos and who’s writing to become a part of the e-zine’s regular staff.
With great enthusiasm we accepted the challenge and today finally, after a lot of work we’ve released to the public OblongoMag’s official website, the blog, and issue number 1 of the electronic magazine.
You can download issue number 0 as well as the all new issue number 1, and without a doubt I leave you an invitation to check out the website I mounted entirely from the ground up and that has me really quite satisfied.
I’d enormously appreciate any kind of feedback on the e-zine, the website or the overall content.
Greetings to all of you wandering around here.

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