NXE is here

Xbox have updated their interface nick named NXE (New Xbox Experience). It’s now much sexier and easier to use. They also have added avatars which isn’t too far from Nintendo’s Mii characters. Although one thing Xbox have done is that the NXE avatars will feature clothes you can purchase and hopefully they’ll add more facial stuff later down the track.

Here’s Soap’s account KRONJOB avatar.

Just type in the account name into the file path

I love the fact you get a PNG automatically created. Nintendo need this!

I’ve also seen Fox has been advertising the new The Day The Earth Stood Still on the new interface (the first advertiser I think) I haven’t seen what else Microsoft can offer in the new experience for advertisers but it’s an interesting media choice. Although people spend less time in the dashboard than they do in games.

People may bash Microsoft but the Xbox is a pretty solid unit in terms of the experience it provides. Red Rings aside it has much more to offer than a PS3 or a Wii.

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