Nissin Lámen: Gotsui Tip

In a campaign to reinforce the Asian Flavors of NISSIN FOODS BRASIL, the company presents its newest executive – straight from Japan. Gotsui Wasabi, is a superstar monster who, after having his TV show canceled, took a trip around the world looking for a new job. Knowing how successful NISSIN has been over the last 50 years in our country and taking advantage of his “voracious experience” with Asian cuisine, Gotsui took a chance and knocked on the company’s door. The risk paid off and, after passing through various positions, the ex-TV show monster was named NISSIN’s Vice President of Sales for Asian Flavors.

Video of Nissin – Gotsui Tip 01 – Dentsu

Video of Nissin – Gotsui Tip 02 – Dentsu

Video of Nissin – Gotsui Tip 03 – Dentsu

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