More bright ideas in Boston’s nether parts

Once the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority gets all those stations and tunnels wired for cellular service, I’ll never be out of touch again! L is for Later, Sue Grafton—I won’t be reading on the commute home any longer; I’ll return e-mails from work instead. Roll over, Beethoven—who needs an MP3 player when you can text people you’ll be seeing in five minutes to confirm dinner plans you dearly wish you could break? Shut up, thoughtful meditations on the day gone by—I’ve got to buy some stuff on Amazon while the signal’s still strong. Best of all, when I’m trapped underground in a dark, disabled train, I can check my cell for MBTA updates to find out how long I’ll be pressed tight against my hygienically challenged fellow passengers who I dearly wish would quit standing on my foot and take their elbows out of my face!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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