Medalla Light: The beer you’ve been singing to in Pedro Capó's "Calma"

With 1.1 billion views and counting, it’s safe to say Pedro Capó’s “Calma” has been a huge hit not only for the artist, but also for Puerto Rico’s national beer. Featured as part of the song’s chorus and video, Medalla Light, the country’s staple brew, has resonated far beyond the Island’s shores, paving the way for the brand’s expansion across the Caribbean, the US mainland, and beyond.
Brewed by Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Medalla Light approached its export plans with a budget-friendly but extremely effective strategy – hijacking another of the Island’s successful international exports: music.
By integrating the brand in both lyrics and video of the song, the collaboration between the artist, Sony Music and the brand’s creative agency, DDB Latina Puerto Rico, made Medalla Light internationally known with 0 advertising dollars. Additional versions of the song featuring urban artist Farruko and Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys proved the world was thirsty for the hit, as do the hundreds of multilingual covers found on Youtube.
Four weeks as the most popular song on Youtube and leading Billboard positions showed how music can be a powerful vehicle to position a local brand on a global stage.

Video of Medalla Light

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