Man living disassembled life inside an Ikea

I must say, it’s awfully nice of Ikea to let Mark Malkoff live in one of its stores for a week while his apartment gets fumigated. And by “live,” I mean eat, sleep and shower in the Ikea store in Paramus, N.J., all in front of a webcam (well, maybe not the shower part) for any and all interested parties to watch. I’m not sure why Malkoff’s first response to fumigation was an attempt to be a Big Wheel on the Internet, nor am I sure why he visited all 171 Manhattan Starbucks locations in a previous stunt. But this phenomenon where people think every minor phase or event in his or her life must be broadcast to all creation is certainly a curious one. And if this whole thing is essentially an ad for Ikea, it worked. I’ll definitely think twice before inveighing against their second-rate furniture in the future.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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