Malkovich campaign for Sony VAIO notebooks

Cut + Run’s newly promoted editor, Ben Campbell, recently finished editing 36 short films for Sony Vaio notebooks, which are part of a unique project that captures the creative influences of a unique character: John Malkovich, the Academy Award – nominated actor, producer and director.

This collaboration captures the unique world of John Malkovich and the stimulation and creative thinking he experiences while traveling around Paris. The films feature influences from a variety of sources including John’s choice of music, architecture, authors, films and books. The films were shot during John’s time in Paris directing his play “Good Canary”.

The campaign was created by agency Fallon and directed by BLINKK – an award winning photographic / film-making collective of Annelise Howard Phillips, Leila Naaman and Damien Laurent with production by OneSix7 Productions.

Ben says: “This is the most creative project I have worked on to date, editorially. Blinkk had shot the most beautiful footage in Paris. They also coaxed out some dialogue gems from John, from which Andy Lockley at Fallon chose his favorites.

“We used these snippets of dialogue as the basis for the edit and experimented by placing our preferred visuals over the top. Using picture to change the rhetoric of John’s dialogue was really exciting. A bit like laying up different genres of music to change the feel of a final picture edit. But without any script approval from the client or John we were kind of in the dark as to how the films would be perceived. Sony, John, Andy and Blinkk are all overjoyed with the results, as am I!”

Superadgrunts, see one of the 36 shorts here:

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