Jose Cuervo Says 'Tomorrow Is Overrated' in Brand Campaign Out of CP&B

Screw the future.

That’s the premise of Jose Cuervo’s new brand campaign out of Crispin Porter & Bogusky Los Angeles, its first after reteaming with the agency last year. On Sunday, the tequila giant debuted a blockbuster ad directed by Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge showing the patrons of a local bar awaiting the end of days: a tornado blusters through the town, carrying papers and people with it, while a newscaster announces that civilization’s demise is nigh.

As the rest of the world runs for their lives, the bar-goers make the most of theirs. The bartender pours shots of Cuervo, a man plays Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” on the jukebox and couples tango while destruction around them ensues. The neon logo and tagline read : “Cuervo — Tomorrow Is Overrated.”

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