How will comic-book heroes vote this year?

So, Superman—or, at any rate, an actor who portrays the Man of Steel—is backing Barack Obama for president. This made me wonder which candidates other comic-book heroes are endorsing this campaign season. So I called the Justice League and asked. (They’re in the book, people!) The Incredible Hulk supports Rudy Giuliani because “we both seem like normal guys but transform into violent mutants when the going gets rough.” Mr. Fantastic is backing Mitt Romney because “we have the same hair.” Spider-Man’s trying to decide between John Edwards and Hillary Clinton. The webslinger identifies with the former’s boyish good looks and aw-shucks positive outlook, but respects the tangled political webs the latter has been known to weave. Sgt. Rock is learning toward John McCain, but finds him “a little soft” on defense. Lex Luthor likes Ron Paul because “we’re both supervillains.” The Tick also supports Paul: “Like me, he’s basically a joke.” Batman and Mike Huckabee have never been seen together in public, which seems awfully suspicious in an election year.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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