How To Have A Tattoo Removed Safely

Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Tattoos For Good

Many of us have tattoos that we regret – but with laser tattoo removal there’s no reason to put up with them any longer.

The number of people getting tattoos is on the rise, and consequently so are the number of regrets. Do you have a tattoo that you’re self-conscious of, and find yourself doing everything you can to cover it up? Then you should consider laser tattoo removal. The technology used in the treatment has evolved massively in recent years, and many people are able to say goodbye to their body art for good. Curious? Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

Finding a tattoo removal clinic

The first thing you should do is find a reputable tattoo removal company to take care of your unwanted body art. Tattoo Removal Experts are regarded by many as the best providers of tattoo removal London has to offer. They have been operating since 2010 from their clean, welcoming premises, and their tattoo removal specialists are highly experienced and fully qualified. So, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Be prepared

Once you’re sure that you want to go ahead with your laser tattoo removal, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible for your appointment. You’ll need to remove any body hair from the area that is going to be treated, so be sure to do that before you arrive so that your treatment can begin as quickly as possible. Ask if there is anything that you need to bring along and wear comfortable clothes so that you won’t feel restricted during your appointment.


It’s vital that you take good care of yourself following your tattoo removal procedure, as this is when some of the most common problems can arise. Never pick at any scabs, as this could lead to scarring or infection. Apply aloe vera gel or Vaseline to reduce dryness. Avoid soap or perfumed products and strenuous activities for the first 48 hours, and don’t use saunas or steam rooms until any scabs have dropped off.

Be patient

It’s really important to be patient. You may need a number of sessions to get rid of your tattoo, and you should be very wary of any practitioners who promise to be able to speed up the process. Your tattoo removal consultant will be able to tell you if your tattoo looks to be particularity hard to remove and will always keep you informed and up to date as your treatment progresses.

See if it will work for you

Before you undergo tattoo removal, you need to be sure that the treatment is suitable for you. Those with dark skin may want to spend a little time talking to their consultant, as their skin tone can sometimes react poorly to the laser. Tattoo removal isn’t suitable for pregnant women, and you should always consult a medical professional if you have any health concerns – as well as being totally honest with your tattoo removal expert.

It’s time to be happy in your skin

If you book with a trusted tattoo removal company like Tattoo Removal Experts, you’ll be able to ask plenty of questions before your treatment begins, as well as see examples of their previous work. In just a few sessions time, you could be saying goodbye to your unwanted body art for good and finally start to feel confident about your appearance once more. What’s not to like about that?

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