Honeyshed not so sweet.

After much hype, and a much-delayed launch, Publicis’ leap into branded entertainment — Honeyshed where “MTV meets QVC.” — has finally launched. “Honeyshed is a broadband destination that celebrates the sell,” according to Andrew Essex, CEO of Droga5. All well and good, but do consumers really want to celebrate the sell? And perhaps more importantly, does the jaded and elusive 18-24 demographic want to?


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of new types of content and advertising, but after all they hype I find myself a little under whelmed. I can’t help but feeling like I’m watching SNL’s retarded younger cousin, and he is trying to sell me stuff. While the hosts are attractive enough, their comedic stylings leave a lot to be desired. And the pods run long, way too long for what they are. When I compare what they are doing here to the content on Current that also targets the same demo, it just doesn’t make the grade. To be fair, the content on Current is editorial, but it’s just so much more engaging. Honeyshed on the other hand feels exactly like what it is: a blatant attempt by advertisers to create something hip and cool. And as we all know, you can’t be cool and smack of effort at the same time. Perhaps most telling is the live chat window. No one is talking about the products or the brands, but rather how much the content sucks. Hardly a celebration of the sell.

Honeyshed chat window

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