Hey Apple, New Ideas Please

It’s true, not everyone agrees on all topics…

For instance, my issue is not really with the current Apple Commercial where they again take the well constructed and executed Apple V. PC campaign and give us another incarnation (Not REincarnation like my favorite Tiger Beer spot below) in the endearing stop-motion style that makes us all think of the old Rudolph and Santa shows, but that they just put together another commercial that makes me not give a shit.
My grievance is not the campaign as a whole that i loved when it first broke, but that this campaign has been going on for so long. When apple works so hard to be the forerunners of all things trendy, they are now becoming almost like Atlantic City Boardwalk Charactitures of themselves.

This has nothing to do with the company, whom I love; but for crissakes, give us another f&%$ing concept. I am sure living-god Lee Clow will have no problem ponying up to the bar again with creating another jaw dropping spot/campaign like he did in 1984. I beg Apple, “Please, shock or surprise us again” as your current campaign has become the one thing you have always dreaded: Conventional.

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