Graduating Design Students

It’s December which means that all the universities and colleges will be hosting their graduating exhibition. In the hope that the students will get a good job somewhere.

You would expect this part of the course to be the most important. The entire 2-4 years of study is wasted unless you get a job. Theory, attendance, attitude are all meaningless it all comes down to how good your book it. Does your work stand out from the pack? But how do you stand out when ou’r work is shoved into a corner of a room somewhere.

With that in mind why don’t the uni’s make more of an effort to sell their students to prospective companies. Why isn’t there a special screening of students just for potential employers? Why doesn’t every uni have an online database of students with their work samples?

Hyperisland seem to do this well but no uni (well none that I have seen) even come close to having a way to access a list of students and their work online.

There’s talented people all around Australia but there’s no way I’m going to Canberra on the chance I can see someone. Let alone Perth, Adelaide or any of those states.

What this does create is a way for the determined students to get a leg up on other students, but sadly the most determined students aren’t always the best.

Does anyone else have the same experience? or am I expecting too much?

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