Friendly’s. Full Contact and… Zimmerman

So it is not often here I get to post rumors/”inside the industry issues buzz”, but I would love some clarity from all of you faithful readers – both of you know who you are… I’m talking right to you.

Anyway, so as most of you might or might not know, Friendly’s Creative duties were given to the ever un-inspiring Zimmerman in Fort Lauderdale. Fine. But what is odd is that another newer agency that was in contention and passed on was Full Contact. Full Contact is headed by a few fellas from Hill Holiday. Now, why that is relevant is because Hill Holiday has done some great Dunkin Donut work – I reference the charming Fritalian – and Friendly’s is now being headed up by some ole’ DD guys.

So, they have obviously worked together in the past and produced some decent results, so why not continue the partnership as that happens quite often in this business as everyone knows? Can anyone shed any light on this? Was the relationship not as Friendly (sorry) as I, and many others, assumed?

If you know anything, please talk to me.


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