Flying Horse Energy Drink: Breaking Bat

Flying Horse

Have you ever noticed that when you flip a picture of a bat upside-down, he looks like he’s dancing? In this film, man and bat meet head-to-head, upside-down, in an epic break dance battle.  Can the bat match the man’s moves? Oh yes, he can. But only after a through-the-neck dose of Flying Horse energy drink.

Advertising Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Rafael Donato
Art Director:Fernando Passos, Murilo Santos
Copywriter:Guilherme Markert, Guilherme Camargos
Film Production:Fulano Filmes
Film Director:Javier Lourenco, Jorge Alaniz
Director Of Photography:Adolpho Veloso
Film Client Service:Krysse Mello, Karina Amabile, Juliana Martellotta
Film Post Production:Ale Cois, Sabrina Comar
Film Editor:Bernardo Archanjo, André Carvalho
Audio Production:Punch Audio
Audio Composer:Mariano Alvarez, Gabriel Duarte
Audio Client:Lili D. Aragoni

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