Fast-Food Chains Under Fire For Low Wages Stay Out of Fray

Fast-food workers in 60 cities launched strikes Thursday to fight for a $15 wage just ahead of Labor Day — an event that’s part of a movement grown largely through social media and without the help of much advertising. But while those advocating a higher wage get plenty of press, fast-food chains aren’t doing much beyond issuing a statement.

The retail and fast-food protests started last November in New York with a one-day strike by 200 workers organized by Fast Food Forward, a group of labor, community and clergy organizers. The protests have gradually expanded to other cities, with strikes taking place in seven additional cities, including Chicago, this spring and summer. The names of the groups in various cities differ somewhat, going by names like Fast Food Forward in New York, to Fight for 15 in Chicago, to Raise Up in Milwaukee.

The protests have garnered significant PR since they began in New York, but organizers have put little effort into paid media. Fast Food Forward recently took out Facebook ads in select cities promoting the cause, but no other paid media, such as a newspaper ad, has resulted. Fast Food Forward also launched the @LowPayIsNotOk Twitter handle and Facebook pages.

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