Extravagance In Adlandia

I like it when bloggers tell stories.

Steffan Postaer comes through with his latest offering on Gods of Advertising, So you want to be a rock star creative?

A long time ago, while on production in LA, I had a free weekend and so spent it at the hotel pool. I had my book, a pile of magazines and a smoothie from the bar. This is the life, I thought to myself.

My reverie was soon interrupted, however, by the presence of another creative from my agency and his comely companion. That’s not his wife, I thought, as the conspicuous pair made their way poolside. The creative director stopped by my chaise and I could not help but notice his garb: kimono, Ray-Bans, leather sandals, ironic Asian tee shirt. Not to mention the babe. She was actually carrying his bag!

The girl barely acknowledged me, but he was compelled to catch me up on his global escapades and rigorous production schedule. They’d just shot in Paris and were editing in LA. Then it was back to Japan. Leaning over me, he whispered of the blonde: “That’s my assistant. She arranges everything. And she screws me at night.”

Steffan argues that it’s tempting to lust after this life, ater all we work in an ego-driven business. He also hopes “we realize it’s only advertising.”

Do you have similar tales to tell? We’d love to hear them.

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