EnergyBBDO Teases ‘Coin’ Super Bowl Spot for Bud Light

EnergyBBDO today released a 15-second teaser of “Coin,” the 60-second Bud Light Super Bowl spot featuring a life-size game of Pac-Man.

The “Coin” teaser doesn’t reveal much — but then there’s not really all that much to the premise, so showing much of the actual game might detract from the spot’s impact on February 1st. Basically, a guy at a bar receives a Bud Light bottle that says to “step outside for some old school fun” and enters a room for a life-size game of Pac-Man. It’s all a tie-in to Bud Light’s new packaging, which was revealed at the end of last month. The brand’s Super Bowl push will be supported by a “House of Whatever” event in Arizona (where the Super Bowl is being hosted) which will run for three days. The “Coin” Super Bowl ad is one of three A-B InBev is running for its Budweiser brands, along with two spots for the slightly-less-watery Budweiser.

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