Eagles take road out of Eden into Facebook

The Nation
has finally discovered Facebook. Ari Melber has written a lengthy piece about how the site is killing personal privacy. Of course, privacy by any reasonable definition died long ago, but the essay is thorough and well reasoned, at one point positing, “Like guests at the Hotel California, people who check out of Facebook have a hard time leaving. Profiles of former members are preserved in case people want to reactivate their accounts. And all users’ digital selves can outlive their creators.” Which made me wonder: Just how popular are the Eagles on the social networking site? Well, pretty darn popular! As a band they have 545,000-plus fans. Don Henley has 11,811 fans, but a bad ’70s ’fro. That hair can check out any time it likes. Glen Frey (with one N) has just 173 fans, while Glenn Frey (with two N’s, he’s the “real one”) has 849. As far as privacy goes, the Eagles put it most succinctly: “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.” Think about it. Ari, by the way, has no Facebook profile I could find. Sign up, Ari! Maybe Glen Frey will poke you. It won’t be the famous one, but it’s a start!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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