Dexter viral campaign proves to be one of the most memorable of 2007

That Dexter Viral campaign created by London agency Ralph which according to them “proved so controversial that Ralph received calls of complaint from the public and London’s Scotland Yard Police” is still quite sticky months after its release. The premise it the fun personalization trick, where you can type in a friends name and freak them the hell out used in many a viral campaign before we were even set a personal one but we didn’t take it seriously since the serial killer in this video is looking for a mid-30’s male with a background in media calling themselves Ad Rag, so I figured us Art Directing females of undefined age calling our site Adland and ourselves Dabitch were safe. 😉 Note to Ralph, try targeting a little more correct next time. On the other hand, we love the show and especially the titles.

In other silly news, the 24-Hour Michael Bolton Station Declares Bankruptcy, gee who would have thunk it.

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