probably doesn’t like Tech watch after this.

Really, I should quit worrying about what ad-support might do to editorial content, it doesn’t stop anyone on TV from reading bad news about their own sponsors. Or – some media buyer is getting fired over this.

Via why advertising sucks.

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Nike’s Freestyle Basketball youtube viral bores me like all other fake virals.

I’m getting sick of these fake stunts posted to youtube that are secret little ads, aren’t you? People hopping into jeans, climbing to catch baseballs, and now making impossible dunks for Nike. Perhaps it’s because all I can hear in my head when I see it is Larry Bird & Michael Jordan saying “Nothing but net”* and then I get a wild craving for a Big Mac – even though I know that special sauce ain’t nothing but thousand island dressing. Must dash and gorge on fatty burger now folks.
(*from McDonald’s – Larry Bird / Michael Jordan – The Showdown (1993) – 0:60 (USA))

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What everyone wants: Head. Lots of head.

Bizbash reports that to promote the new Eddie Murphie movie “Meet Dave” 20th Century Fox took a 15-foot-tall foam head on a cross-country tour in the US.

“The sell [for the movie] has always been Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy. Eddie as the vessel and Eddie as the captain of the vessel,” said Iannelli. This concept was key as the movie centers on Dave Ming Chang—a human-shaped ship—that is controlled by a miniature crew of aliens.

This explains this photograph, where people can walk into Eddie Murphy’s giant head (how Malkovich) and hang out in his ears. Ew, gross. But if you ever wanted to get inside the head of a celeb, I guess this is your chance America.

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Draft/FCB recruitment video on youtube pisses off Draft/FCB people.

Youtube user ninaaldredge (*) is in trouble for posting the Draft/FCB recruitment video to youtube. She posted it there, and tipped adscam’s George, to which she soon got an email response from Draft/FCB which she also sent to George, see: DRAFT/FCB’S RECRUITMENT VIDEO REARS ITS UGLY HEAD… AGAIN!

You should understand the context of this video before sending it anywhere. it’s not top secret as we show this to our clients and suppliers, as well as potential recruits, clients and even other agencies. However, you should have asked my permission before you rip it off and posted it on a public blog to be ridiculed by people without knowing the context.”

Here’s a tip to Kestrel Lee who (allegedly) sent that email, just flag the video at youtube as “infringes my copyright” (which it does if Nina has no rights to post it) and don’t email people about it, you’re just making it worse. Though maybe that’s the idea? Lets see how long this stays up for, flagged and removed in 5…4…3…

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Who are the faceless people? Anonymous car salesmen, that’s who.

Who are the faceless people? Or rather, what on earth are they advertising? Spotted at Henley, at Wimbledon and at the start of Harrods summer sale. Might it be an ad stunt for cars? No I don’t see the connection either – but whois says that is owned by Group Lotus Plc, Norwich, Norfolk United Kingdom. That’s Group Lotus cars. Wonder what “True Character” will be revealed in 19 days. That car better be good looking as hell after a stunt like that, ya’ll.

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No sweetie, this super sucking Tampax commercial is not a real ad.

I don’t know why everyone insists on asking me of this ad is real. Can’t you just look at the shoddy production values, the misplaced “humor” and take an educated guess?

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The “Ball Girl” gets on ABC mornings (or something like that)

Ha! I love this, according to ABC friendly couch buddies “news”-chat – some “college coach recruiter” tried to get a hold of the “Ball girl”, a.k.a the kid that was strung up on wires “or something” to quote the news-folks describing a viral video for Gatorade. A damned discreet one as well, the only time you see Gatorade is when she returns to her seat and there’s a bottle on the ground.

For some silly reason, a video that looks as fake as any other fake video is being picked up by news shows, so lets all pat the director Pat Baker Smith (no pat-pun intended) and ad agency element 79 & partners on the back for doing a good job. Pat pat pat!
The funniest thing I heard about this ad so far was someone being miffed about the fact that it was a “ball girl” that did the amazing stunt, as if “us chicks can’t super-hero like jump walls whenever we fancy”. Right. I didn’t see the sexism in this ad, and I squinted real hard too, but I did find it really weird that there was a sudden mention of a “ball girl”, something that I’ve never heard of outside of porn before which sent all sorts of “it’s an ad” bells ringing. God, I must be old.

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Lets celebrate Rampenfest!

In an idyllic Bavarian town named Oberpfaffelbachen, the villagers are preparing for Rampenfest. There will be lots of beer, pretzels and oh yeah, a big frickin’ ramp. If all goes according to plan, a 135i BMW will fly Evel Knievel style from Europe to America.

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JC Penney dresses down Saatchi for fake speed dressing ad

Saatchi & Saatchi won a Cannes Bronze Lion over the weekend for their racy JC Penney Speed Dressing commercial. Everyone congratulated the agency for the win except the client because they never approved the spot!

J.C. Penney Co. officials are upset about a racy, fake advertisement on YouTube in which the retailer appears to be endorsing teen sex, and they are blaming the company’s ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi.

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I love the whole world, Boom de ada gaming edition

File under: bound to happen. The best compliment your ad can get is when there’s a gaming edition made, as has happened here with the Discovery Channel “boom de ada” song but set in Halo 3 and GTA IV. Cute, though I still like the Battlefield2 trailer homage to Sony Bravia balls best because that actually toook some ‘directing’ – though in game.

Bonus points for getting the squid in there at the right moment though. 😉

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Murketing revealed: Mobile phones can not pop popcorn

Can cellphones pop popcorn? Of course not, it’s a viral video advert you gullible doofuses.

And now, the sender has revealed itself – it’s for Bluetooth headset retailer called Cardo Systems.

“The videos are spreading like wildfire, and becoming something of an urban legend,” said Kathryn Rhodes, the national marketing manager at Cardo Systems told Wired this week..

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Local Woman Ã…sk Dabitch Rescued By House Cat

I’m so sorry that I’ve been offline for hours now, there’s been an incident around here. All I can say is, it’s lucky I’m not a dog person. My brave cat rescued me, while the turtle cheered him on.

Yeah yeah, so it’s a Mike’s lemonade viral and not a real News 19 story. Still, I thought the cat CPR thing was cute, after all mine does that chest-pawing thing every night before he settles in to sleep on my face.

Russian man goes mad beserk in office = Viral for the movie “Wanted”.

Last weeks question has been answered: Anyone care to guess what this is an ad for? Russian man goes mad beserk in office.

The mystery has been solved. Timur Bekmambetov Punks the World With Viral Video reports Cinematic – who even gives us a rough translation of the Cyrillic on Timur’s lievjournal.

Those fearing that their cubicle neighbor might engage in similar hysterics can breathe easy — it was all a sly bit of viral marketing from Timur Bekmambetov for Wanted. He revealed the stunt over on his personal blog, where he allegedly had a good laugh at the gullibility of the West. I’m not seeing any geographic mockery here, so quite possibly he took that down.

I guess this mans my gut instincts that were yelling “FAAAAKE” as soon as I saw it were right. Good to know that my fakedar still works. *taps fakedar*

read more sends another message to terrorists, and wants you to participate.

I just received this little movie, and the following expanation;

We are 6 500 000 000 people on earth, far enough to enjoy hardly !
Unfortunatly, the terrorists do not agree. Yesterday New York, Madrid,
London, today Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan…
Beyond their barbaric acts, the terrorists harass us through video messages,
as well.

So, let’s react, let’s answer !

ATTENTATS proposes you to participate to the next message.
Record yourself dancing, singing, laughing, breaking, juggling, kniting,
alone, with your love or with some pals, in short, djellaba, tracksuit or in
flip-flop (why not Santiags…), by day or by night !
Anyway, let’s show your life enjoying !

(more inside)

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Target: women who eat yoghurt. Which is *all* women. Always.

Sarah Haskins says “Hey ladies, want yogurt? No? Too bad, because yogurt wants you” and makes me laugh hysterically with all those inane yoghurt ad clips. GO SARAH! Eating yoghurt at weddings? Who does that? Guys, when you bitch about ads depicting men acting like dofuses, recall the yoghurt ad crapola we have to live with. Advertising isn’t kind to either gender.

For the record, I don’t eat god-awful flavoured yoghurts, I eat lÃ¥ngfil and since I now live too far down south to be able to get some at the store, have to make my own. But it’s yummy.

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Sexism in US media.

This edit called “Sexism Sells, But We’re Not Buying It” created by the The Women’s Media Center is currently depressing the hell out of me. Not just because the edit shows appaling comments, but I’m also wondering what the hell I should stop buying to make these kinds of comments stop. They also have a petition. This statement by Carol Jenkins says;

“We know that media companies today are under tremendous pressure to build audiences and drive ratings, but this type of vulgar, sexist commentary is not the way to do it. Women wield tremendous financial power in the United States. Our message to media companies: if you think that sexism sells, think again, because women in America are not buying it.

“As our new video shows, the media’s sexism is not specific to a candidate or campaign. But the presence of a woman, front and center at last on the national political stage, has sent shockwaves through a media grappling with ongoing problems of diversity. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has cast a spotlight on the institutionalized sexism that The Women’s Media Center was founded in 2005 to combat, providing us with a unique moment to examine ourselves and the media we consume. This is about the inherent and unnecessary obstacles that women face every day in speaking out and participating in the national dialogue.”

(Video inside)

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Anyone care to guess what this is an ad for? Russian man goes mad beserk in office.

So this video, showing a man in a Russian office go all postal, throwing monitors and grabbing an axe to chop up the veal fattening pens seems like a viral to me. Or at the very least, faker than hell. What do you think?

Why do I think it’s fake then?
The monitors don’t seem to have any cords connecting them to anything. This is great for throwing them around but make them pretty useless as monitors. Or are old style monitors not attached with cables in Russia?

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Bragtime: Adland on the Hawthorne Videoactive Report

I’ve never heard of the Hawthorne Videoactive Report (which is why I discovered this so late, I guess), so if anyone here knows more about it I’d be much obliged if you share in the comments.

Adland was in it back in December, they referenced this “nifty little list of eleven feature films about advertising” at the very end of the report. Neat.

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Butler, Shine & Stern get boingboing backlash for their Lego viral

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has LucasArts games as client, there will soon be some Indiana Jones/Lego game as far as we can tell. So they dressed a giant styrofoam ball (or similar) up with Lego’s, claimed that the giant Lego “boulder” was made only out of Legos (wouldn’t that weigh a lot more?), and sent a guy dressed as Indiana Jones running downhill in San Francisco being chased by the giant rolling lego-deathtrap while filming it. Posted to youtube, amusing to some viewers.

So far so good, right?

Well, no. Then someone made the mistake of deleting comments outing the film as a viral and now boingboing readers are all huffy and puffy about falling for a stealth viral camapign. Yes, that’s annoying, since I think stealth virals are a slippery slope into making the audience more willing to believe that hoax virals are real. But what the hell do I know, I couldn’t even get Butler Shine to open my portfolio despite it rotting in their reception for two weeks.

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Mythbusters tried “dynamite surfing” just like in that viral ad. tells Danish viewers to catch the Mythbusters episode “lead ballon” on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, as the mythbusters team test if one can really surf on dynamite explosions, just like in that CGI-faked viral created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen.

We’re adgrunts though. We can’t wait until Sunday, can we? Noooo. So Without further ado, the pirated clip from Mythbusters on youtube. Like inside ya’ll

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