BBDO NY Introduces ‘Invention Donkey’ for GE

BBDO New York introduces a new character for GE with the spot “Invention Donkey.”

Invention Donkey is a micro-sized donkey who grants invention-related wishes (sort of oddly specific, but okay). He introduces himself to a guy who has a little trouble with the wish part initially, asking for two best friends, DVDs and then a fun app. When Invention Donkey takes him to task for his lame wishes, he then comes up with “something to help power the planet.” Invention Donkey’s response involves a lot of hard work and planning, which, it is implied, GE has already put into finding a solution.

BBDO New York turned a lot of heads with its inventive and surreal advertising for GE last year, including “Childlike Imagination,” “What Would Happen,” “Ideas” and “The Boy Who Beeps.” The agency’s latest effort for GE is a slight change in approach, similarly surreal to past efforts but with a less serious tone (and a cute, tiny talking donkey). Like previous spots (particularly “Ideas”), it continues to celebrate the culture of invention at GE.

“We can show specific examples of things they’ve made of the last few years, but the pure essence of that place is teeming with inventors,” Tim Roan, BBDO New York creative director and copywriter, told Creativity. “They invent the big, important stuff. But a lot of the innovation most often covered or talked about is stuff like apps. That’s what people consider great contributions to mankind? So we’re trying to lead the witness to think a bit different about how the big, important, difficult stuff doesn’t happen with a snap of the finger. It takes unbelievable amounts of people, planning, foresight, and perspective.”


Agency: BBDO New York

Client: GE

Title: Invention Donkey


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director: Michael Aimette

Creative Director, Copywriter: Tim Roan

Creative Director, Copywriter: Levi Slavin

Art Director: Cesar Finamore

Group Executive Producer: Diane Hill

Head of Music Production: Rani Vaz

Global Director: Brandon Fowler

Senior Director: Peter McCallum

Account Manager: Tessa Cosenza

Account Executive: Will Langenberg


Production Company: Radical Media

Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo

Line Producer: Robin Buxton

Director: Steve Miller


Editorial: Mackenzie/Cutler

Editor: Ian Mackenzie

Assistant Editor: Nick Divers

Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfield


VFX: Framestore

VFX Supervisor: Theo Jones

Head of 3D: Andy Rowen Robinson

Director of Animation: David Hulin

Head of Production: Sarah Hiddlestone

Compositing: Raul Ortega

Producer: Raven Sia


Sound Mix: Mackenzie/Cutler

Engineer: Sam Shaffer

BBDO NY Tells Story of ‘The Boy Who Beeps’ for GE

BBDO New York tells the story of “The Boy Who Beeps” in a new online spot for GE.

The two-minute ad begins with the boy’s birth, and the beeping sound he makes in place of the usual baby’s wail. It’s soon apparent that the boy can communicate with machines. This starts off small, with him using his voice to change the channel or hit snooze on his alarm clock, but soon he’s using his power for greater purposes. Maybe it’s the great soundtrack by Beck, but the strange story is oddly touching somehow. Coming on the heels of the recent “Ideas,” it seems that BBDO is going in an emotional direction in their online work for GE. (more…)

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BBDO NY Resurrects Agent Smith for Latest GE Effort

Has it really been ten years since The Matrix: Revolutions tarnished the Wachowskis’epic saga? Time flies, but while we’d rather forget the third and final Matrix installment, we’re happy to once again see Hugo Weaving as the relentless Agent Smith, whose dapper yet menacing visage appears along with several doppelgangers in this latest effort from BBDO New York for GE called “Agent of Good.”

The spot, which was directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), debuted over the weekend and showcases GE’s industrial internet technology and how the corporate giant connecting its medical hardware to its software is benefiting hospitals–or something to that effect. Despite being a decade removed from the Matrix films, Weaving shows no signs of rust as he brings the snarl of his most iconic character to the most sterile of environments. Stick around for the final moments for your most obvious Matrix reference, minus Morpheus. Credits after the jump.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.