50-Foot Dead Parrot Drops Into London to Promote Monty Python Reunion

What’s a Monty Python reunion without a dead parrot? And why settle for a simple prop you can bang on the counter when you could have a monstrous, 50-foot-long dead parrot?

To promote the live broadcast of the comedy troupe’s July 20 performance, UKTV’s Gold channel and sculptor Iain Prendergast created a massive fiberglass dead parrot, which was suspended from a crane and laid talons-up in London’s Potters Field this week.

The bird is, of course, a reference to one of Monty Python’s enduring “Dead Parrot Sketch,” which you can watch below.

“The key challenge for us was capturing the comedy value of the dead parrot,” Gold general manager Steve North tells RadioTimes, “keeping the realism of the bird whilst also adding touches like the bloodshot, stunned eyes.”

Photos by David Parry, via Flickr.

EVV Immerse Theater

Le Evansville Museum of Arts History and Science a demandé aux équipes de Projectione de réaliser la mise en place de son extension, comprenant un cinéma immersif. Utilisant plus de 1500 panneaux de six différents types de bois, le dôme propose une surface jouant sur la notion d’évolution et de pixelisation cherché.

EVV Immerse Theater10
EVV Immerse Theater9
EVV Immerse Theater8
EVV Immerse Theater7
EVV Immerse Theater6
EVV Immerse Theater5
EVV Immerse Theater4
EVV Immerse Theater3
EVV Immerse Theater2
EVV Immerse Theater1

In Audiences on Broadway, Fewer Guys Among the Dolls

While a night out at the theater used to be a staple for cultured American men, fewer shows are grabbing them these days.


Real Estate Developers in Movieland

Some whose day job is putting up buildings have also found their way into show business. And it’s a labor of love.


Ticket Pricing Puts ‘Lion King’ Atop Broadway’s Circle of Life

“The Lion King” passed “Wicked” as 2013’s top Broadway earner with help from a sophisticated algorithm that calibrates prices based on demand and purchasing patterns.


Tour’s Director Criticizes New ‘Annie’

If the Broadway revival of “Annie,” a financial failure, is to go on tour, it will be with a non-Equity cast and the show’s 1977 director.


Ace Hotel Architecture

La chaîne Ace Hotel, installée entre autres à New York et à Seattle, a rénové à Los Angeles l’United Artists Building pour implanter un nouvel hôtel. Cette ancienne bâtisse, avec son théâtre gothique, a été conçue en 1927 par C. Howard Crane et la firme Walker & Eisen. Un mélange de vinyles, et imprimés amérindiens à découvrir dans la suite.

Ace Hotel 15
Ace Hotel 14
Ace Hotel 13
Ace Hotel 12
Ace Hotel 11
Ace Hotel 10
Ace Hotel 9
Ace Hotel 8
Ace Hotel 7
Ace Hotel 6
Ace Hotel 5
Ace Hotel 4
Ace Hotel 3
Ace Hotel 2
Ace Hotel 1

Beautiful Symmetry of Empty Movie Theaters

Après le projet Swimming Pools, le photographe français Franck Bohbot basé à New York, revient avec sa série « Cinéma » à travers toute la Californie. Les moulures, les fresques, les motifs et les plafonds sont impressionnants. Des effets symétriques forts dans des cinémas vides et calmes à découvrir.

The Crest Westwood II in Los Angeles.

Brava Theatre in San Francisco.

Alameda Theatre I in California.

Alameda Theatre, Lobby.

Orinda Theatre II in California.

Orinda Theatre I.

Orinda Theatre Lobby.

Orinda Theatre, Untitled.

The Crest Westwood Theatre I in Los Angeles.

The Grand Lake Theatre I in Oakland, California.

The Grand Lake Theatre II in Oakland.

The Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Egyptian Theatre in American Cinematheque in Los Angeles.

The Four Star Theatre II in San Francisco.

The Four Star Theatre I in San Francisco.

The Fox Theatre I in Oakland.

The Paramount in Lobby II in Oakland.

The Paramount Theatre I in Oakland.

The Paramount Theatre II in Oakland.

The Paramount Theatre Lobby I in Oakland.

The Paramount Theatre, Living Room.

The Green Room in Oakland.

Franck Bohbot’s portfolio.

4 Alameda Theater I in California
14 The Four Stars Theatre II
18 The Green Room in Oakland
16 Paramount, Living Room in California
7 Untitled Orinda
16 The Paramount Theatre Lobby I in Oakland in California
16 The Paramount Theatre II in Oakland in California
16 The Paramount Theatre I in Oakland, California
16 The Paramount in Lobby II in Oakland
15 The Fox Theater I in Oakland
14 The Four Star Theatre II in San Francisco
13 Egyptian Theater in American Cinematheque in Los Angeles
12 The Castro Theatre in San Francisco
11 The Grand Lake Theatre II in Oakland, California
10 The Grand Lake Theater I in Oakland
9 The Crest Westwood I in Los Angeles
8 Orinda Theatre Lobby
7 Orinda Theatre I in Orinda
6 Orinda II in California
5 Alameda Theater, Lobby
3 Brava Theatre in San Francisco
10 The Crest Westwood II in LA

On the Road, Actors Seek Higher Pay

Actors’ Equity members are organizing against a touring system for Broadway shows that treats and pays some members handsomely and others far less so.


Actors Jam Meeting to Seek Higher Pay for Tours

At an overflow membership meeting of the stage actors union, concerns were expressed about the pay — lower than past norms — to performers on coming tours.


Advertising: Pitching the Yankees to Fans on Broadway

The play “Bronx Bombers” uses official team and Major League logos in ads at sports bars and on sports radio and TV.


Hey, Stars, Be Nice to the Stagehands. You Might Need a Loan.

The stagehands at New York’s nonprofit performance institutions enjoy the salaries and bargaining power of having hard-to-replace skills and jobs that can’t be outsourced.


NBC Will Air ‘The Sound of Music’ Live on Dec. 5

With a little over a week to go before the live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” on NBC, the production is taking shape on a Long Island sound stage.


Chris Chase, Actress Who Turned to Writing, Dies

Ms. Chase appeared on the New York stage, on television and in film under the name Irene Kane, before finding her voice in writing.


New Challenge for Filmmakers: Adding Dimension to 3-D Movies

In general, audiences in North America are drifting back to conventional theaters, despite exhibitors’ aggressive push to 3-D.


Ellen DeGeneres to Host Next Year’s Oscars

The show’s producers chose a popular television star to follow Seth MacFarlane, who received some harsh reviews.


20th Century Fox Enlists Help in Bringing Its Properties to the Stage

The film studio will work with Kevin McCollum, a Broadway producer, to create live theater out of movies in its catalog.


Performing Symmetry

Le photographe Gilles Alonso expose sa dernière série de photographies consacrées à la symétrie dans les salles de spectacle de Lyon. Prenant le même point de vue à chaque cliché, il se dégage des salles la même rigoureuse symétrie quelque soit la période de conception de celles-ci. À découvrir dans la suite.










Stitched Panorama

Helen Hanft, Master of Camp Way Off Broadway, Dies at 79

Ms. Hanft was an actress whose gift for camp humor, surreal scenarios and risqué roles made her the queen of Off Off Broadway during a golden age for experimental theater.


F.C.C. Has Yen for Broadway’s Wireless Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission is considering plans to force the users of cordless microphones to move to a less desirable spot on the nation’s airwaves.