DDB Paris Enlists ‘Man Who Died the Most’ to Reach Potential Organ Donors

ddbparisCall it DDB Paris’s version of “Dumb Ways to Die…” if you will, but the agency is getting both serious and a bit ridiculous to bring awareness to the young folks out there about the importance of organ donations.

The DDB Paris team recently teamed up with Wanda director Steve Rogers to introduce to a character named “Robert Cronejager,” an actor who’s unfortunately typecast over the course of his career as “The Man Who Died the Most.” In movies.

Here’s the ad, which touches on the organ donation issue as an afterthought of sorts:

Who needs The Most Interesting Man in the World when you’ve got a guy like Cronejager who ends up dying whether playing a warrior, a mobster or a cowboy?

While paying homage to celluloid fatalities both classic and modern (nice take on American Beauty), DDB Paris’s digital campaign for France’s Biomedicine Agency aims to reach the 16-25 demo with the intention being to inject some humor to help foster and ease conversations between young adults and their families about being an organ donor.

The boatload of pop culture references may go over some viewers’ heads, but at least the minds behind the campaign bring some levity to what could be an uncomfortable topic.

Agency: DDB Paris
Account Management: Jean-Luc Bravi, Marine Hakim, Melissa Frédéric
Producer: Damien Fournier-Perret
Strategy: Sébastien Genty
Art Director: Nicolas Malcorps, Alexis Benoit
Copywriter: Alexis Benoit
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Planner: Sébastien Genty
Director: Steve Rogers
Production Company: Wanda

W+K Portland Looks Way Back for Nike Golf

As the golf world awaits the start of the Masters, W+K Portland takes a look back at golf history for their new Nike Golf spot — way back.

The 60-second spot, directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Steve Rogers, begins with a player admonishing another for using Nike’s new RZN balls. From there, the spot takes leap after leap back in time, showing how each progression in the history of golf was met with great resistance. This goes all the way back to the game’s formation, leading into the tagline, “Play in the Now.” While not exactly funny, the spot gels perfectly with the tagline and silences any opposition from “traditionalists” to Nike’s RZN ball by making them seem utterly ridiculous. Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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NFL Season: Another Reason for Old Spice to Do Old Spice Things

There’s a very fine line between stupid funny and annoying, a line that Old Spice is willing to tightrope for miles and miles. Their “Unnecessary Freshness” campaign, created by W+K Portland, will hit screens starting Thursday night for the season opener. As you might expect, there will be plenty of shenanigans that don’t make sense. But, at least that’s the point.

Three new spots starring Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker might make you shake your head, laugh, or both (there’s also a fourth spot featuring New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo, possibly a pity commercial since Welker darted for Denver). However, since each ad is less than 20 seconds, it’s easy to stomach the goofy jokes and images of lizards eating Welker’s legs. If commenters take to the site to rip W+K, Welker, football, me, AgencySpy itself, or a number of other things that exist, and therefore, should be ridiculed incessantly, they can hopefully agree that the running time is a plus. And, if you believe that a majority of people in America are stupid and these spots are stupid funny, then maybe W+K is onto something brilliant. Maybe.

Credits and some more unnecessary freshness after the jump.


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