RTO+P Debuts First Work for New Client Speck

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners launched a campaign for its new client, smartphone case brand Speck, emphasizing the durability of its new Presidio line. 

The “Designed for Impact” launch campaign aims to show, directly, that the Presidio line of smartphone cases are better equipped to handle a beating than competitors. In “Falling Florals,” for example, a floral print version of Presidio handles repeatedly falling into bouquets given the liquid nitrogen treatment and emerges no worse for the wear. It’s very much an illustrative approach and while competitors aren’t shown for comparison (it would have been kind of cool to see a phone destroyed by the test), the message is abundantly clear: if you’re the kind of person who’s prone to dropping your phone, you might want to invest in one of these.

“Speck has a compelling design and innovation story rooted in quality products that consumers rely on to protect their mobile devices,” said Speck vice president, marketing Michael Burdeny. “We partnered with RTO+P to amplify this message and educate a broader audience on why all cases are not created equal.”

“Speck is an undisputed leader in the protective case space and we jumped at the chance to work with them to promote the launch of its newest product line,” added RTO+P president and CCO Steve Red. “Presidio’s launch gave us the opportunity to help Speck elevate its brand awareness and reinforce its position as the dominant player in the mobile industry.”

In addition to the spots, the campaign also includes a print component, a partnership on a Buzzfeed quiz and an interactive “Dropped” game in partnership with Undertone.

Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red
Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell
Creative Directors: Ari Garber, Mark Garman
Art Director: Jeremy Gilberto, Marta Kosseva
Copywriter: Jordan Briendel
Producers: Joe Mosca, Amy Mangus
Account Executive(s): Susan Baraczek, Chelsea Dubin, Kim Trubey
Photographer/Designer: Nic D’Amico

Production Company: Monogram
Director: Nic D’Amico
Director of Photography: Nic D’Amico

Music House: MilkBoy

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners Changes Its Name for DNC Convention

The contentious DNC Convention is in Philadelphia this week, along with the WikiLeaks “DNC Leaks” email controversy and the subsequent ouster of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the booing Sanders delegates and the Paul Simon. So Philly-based Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners decided to change its name — at least while the noisy convention is generating buzz in the City of Brotherly Love.

The new moniker (Blue Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, naturally) appears on the agency’s website and social channels.

While RTO+P, like many agencies, has its share of Democratic supporters, the move isn’t exactly a political one, according to agency founder Steve Red, who is going by “Steve Blue” this week.

“It’s more of a celebration of Philly, and our town, and the DNC being there,” Red explained to Adweek. “We were in a meeting and were talking about all of the Democrats coming into town, and the craziness that was going to ensue, and someone, out of the blue—no pun intended—said we should change the name of the agency.”

Despite the agency’s name change in honor of the event, Red decided to avoid the chaos and spend the week at RTO+P’s Santa Monica office for the week.

“I’ve heard from the folks back home that it’s pretty nutty, but in a good way,” he said. “We love Philly in so many ways, and it’s a proud moment for us, so we thought we’d join in the fun.”

No word on whether this change is a kind-of-blatant attempt to win media attention.

RTO+P, Taye Diggs Break Out the ‘Dad Jam’ for Dockers

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners teamed up with Taye Diggs for a Father’s Day campaign built around Diggs’ “Dad Jam.”

The spot sees Diggs singing lyrics like “Get down with your dad self” and “all good in the fatherhood” while dancing and generally celebrating dad style. In other words, this is one of the more paninful to watch Father’s Day ads you’ll see this year. Near the end of the spot, Diggs alludes to last year’s “Stop Dad Pants” spot with the Smokey Bear-esque line, “Only you can stop dad pants.” The digital campaign features media buys on sites including Esquire, Hulu, Bleacher Report and Flipboard, as well as promotion on Dockers’ social media sites with the #DadJam hashtag.

“The strategy is to celebrate that fatherhood and style are not mutually exclusive,” Steve Red, chief creative officer of Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, explained to Adweek. “This Father’s Day, Dockers is tipping their hat to dads everywhere who wear fatherhood well—even while catching a bit of spit-up on the shoulder or throwing an appropriately stern glance toward their daughter’s new boyfriend.”

RTO+P Introduces ‘Planet of Triumphs’ for Planet Fitness

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners is launching “Planet of Triumphs” — a new online community for Planet Fitness members to celebrate their accomplishements — with a digital and social campaign.

“Planet of Triumphs” was created with the insight that Planet Fitness’ “Judgement Free Zone” allows its members to accomplish feats both great and small that they might not have been able to do in a setting where they had to worry about how they would be perceived by others. Built on the “belief that every achievement deserves to be celebrated,” the community encourages members to share their stories and accomplishments while both giving and receiving encouragement from other Planet Fitness members. Members can submit their stories via photos and videos using a selection of templates and enter to win win weekly prizes and a chance to be named “Triumph of the Week.” Those who submit before December 16th could also be given a walk-on spot in a 2015 Planet Fitness commercial.

RTO+P introduces the program in the video above, in which Planet Fitness members share their stories. Their accomplishments range from getting on a treadmill for the first time to undergoing such a transformation that people no longer recognize you. The video celebrates these accomplishments while introducing “Planet of Triumphs” and emphasizing Planet Fitness’ all-inclusive mentality. The program is also being promoted through paid digital and social media. (more…)

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RTO+P, Sarah Harbaugh Seek to ‘Stop Dad Pants’ for Dockers

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners has a new campaign for Dockers centered around a call to “Stop Dad Pants.”

The new campaign, launched in anticipation of Father’s Day, includes two new spots — “Stop Dad Pants” and “Locker Room” — approaching the dad pants dilemma from different perspectives. In “Stop Dad Pants,” Sarah Harbaugh (wife of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, who also appears in the ad) offers a PSA-style plea to men everywhere to end the “shapeless, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in every day.” Sarah shares that she understands the issue, as Jim was afflicted by dad pants for years. The second half of the spot deals with how Dockers has the dad pants antidote. “Locker Room” features a similarly tongue-in-cheek, dad-humor driven motivational speech from former NFL coach Jon Gruden, who implores men to “make this dad thing look good.” Both spots end by directing viewers to Dockers.com/StopDadPants.

The campaign also features a social component, built around the #StopDadPants hashtag. Dockers fans who use the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram accompanied by photos of themselves in Dockers will be entered for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco and a pair of tickets to a 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium. Stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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RTO+P Appoints First West Coast CD

Philly-based independent creative agency, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners today announced the appointment of Ryan Scott as its first west coast vice president and group creative director. In the newly crated position, Scott will report directly to partners Steve Red (President and CCO) and Steve O’Connell (ECD).


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RTO+P, Sprout Create Honest ‘Holiday MOMents’ for Stressed Moms


The winter holidays are usually presented as a series of idyllic, perfect family moments. But most of us know better.

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners teamed up with Sprout, the 24 hour preschool channel for parents and kids, to create “Holiday MOMents,” which they describe as “a site for moms to customize and share their very own moments with kids and their moms.” Read: awkward moments. The campaign was built around “consumer insight” (brought to you by Captain Obvious) showing how stressful and overwhelming the holiday season can be for moms with young children.

The site allows users to choose from a list of templates, including “Holiday Cheers and Tears,” ““’Tis the season to be messy,” “The Hostess with the MostStress,” and “Post Dinner Nap Time the New Family Tradition.” Visitors to the site then upload their imperfect holiday moment, and instantly have an honest holiday e-card on their hands. It’s a simple, fun idea tailored perfectly to Sprout’s audience. (Although I can’t help thinking fathers might feel a bit left out.)

RTO+P have also created a holiday giveaway campaign called MerryThon, which you can find on Sprout’s Facebook and Pinterest pages. The campaign, which started Wednesday and will run until December 24th, features a different prize given away every day. Also part of MerryThon is a daily craft or activity featuring one of Sprout’s popular characters. Sprout’s holiday campaign will also feature mobile and display ads. Credits and an additional “Holiday MOMent” below.  continued…

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Young Hockey Players Can ‘Storm the Centre’ with Social Media, Skill

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 2.04.53 PM

From the very Canadian, but not Canadien, news bureau: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners and Under Armour are launching a youth hockey contest tomorrow, October 12, called “Storm the Centre.” Two teams of skating youngsters will eventually win a chance to play at the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I want to spell it center, but it’s for the kids, so I’ll keep it Canadian.

The contest consists of three stages – social media engagement, teamwork, and finally, hockey skills. These sort of pee-wee competitions happen all the time, but adding a social media component is a cool twist from RTO+P, especially in a hockey-crazed country, where presumably, families will claw for the chance to see their kids play on a pro rink. The details of the challenges haven’t been released yet, but you can check team eligibility and sign up here. To all the little Charlie Conways out there, have fun.

Credits after the jump.


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This is the Cutest Football-Related Ad You’ll See All Year

The newly re-branded Philly-based Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (who recently expanded with an L.A. office) are behind this super adorbs spot for The Big Ten Network’s BTN2Go mobile platform. Who knew tiny mascots could be so cute? Who knew that I could squeal like a teenage girl upon seeing mini-Bucky Badger? Oh man, I have a lot of self-reflection to do, huh?

For those wondering how BTN2Go works, here’s a write-up:

This multi-platform mobile extension gives fans the ability to watch the network streamed live from wherever they are. Available on desktops, smartphones and tablets, the app is free for any cable subscriber with BTN in their line-up. More than just a live simulcast of games, the app is customizable to set fan’s team preferences, highlights and stats.

But who cares, right? It’s just too cute. Holy shit, so cute. It’s just inspired Kiran to tell me he wants a pet. Bfljeabf! Credits after the jump.


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Reyka, RT+P Drink to Sunshine

On June 21, the sun shone for 24 hours in Iceland. No darkness for an entire day thanks to our buddy, the Summer Solstice (you can watch a cool slideshow of the never-ending sun here). The phenomenon is actually called a “midnight sun,” and occurs in a handful of places around the world, including Alaska, but for Reyka Vodka, the celebration begins and ends with Iceland. Reyka teamed up with Red Tettemer + Partners for “A Celebration of Summer Solstice,” which probably conjures up images of the Nordic populous engaging in a nationwide rave with a lot of blonde hair swooshing around.

Prior to the blonde bash, Reyka built up momentum on the obligatory social media channels, even offering free trips to Iceland for winners of an Instagram photo contest. This is not a what-happens-in-Iceland-stays-in-Iceland party, either. Reyka also had solstice shindigs in Chicago and San Francisco. The brand sponsored a total of 54 solstice parties in America, including a main event in a Williamsburg bar. The sun may not have been shining 24 hours straight in Brooklyn, but when vodka is involved, drinkers won’t notice the difference anyway. Credits after the jump.


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