DUDE Celebrates City Sports with ‘The City is What We Make of It’ for Diadora

Milan-based agency DUDE has launched a new worldwide campaign for Diadora called “The City is What We Make of it.”

A follow up to last year’s “Free to be Me,” shot in New York, DUDE’s latest finds the agency heading to L.A. for an homage to city sports. “Wake up early, look at it: this is our place” the spot begins, before following a group of young people making the city their playground. The 75 second spot is well shot, with intriguing footage of skateboarding, street bowling, rooftop golf and other wholesome urban activities, but the strained copy and smug voiceover have a tendency to undercut the spot’s potential. “Some ride in the gym, we gym on the ride” is an actual line (in reference to bicycle basketball) spoken in said voiceover.

While “The City is What We Make of it” is a clear follow up to last year’s campaign, retaining the “Free to be Me” tagline and spotlighting L.A. the way that campaign did New York, it also feels like a slight departure in certain areas. The new spot has a different tone than the more wistful “Free to be Me,” as well as some more energetic pacing. We’ve included that spot for reference after the jump, along with credits for “The City is What We Make of it.” continued…

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