JWT Brazil Offers a Signature, Skewered Touch for Barbecue Buffs

A year after releasing interactive cookbook The Bible of Barbecue for native cookware brand Tramontina, JWT Brazil returns with a more artisanal approach for its client in the form of a Meat Signature Maker.

As the two-minute film above shows, the target audience once again is the South American barbecue chef/aficionado, who can now add a personal, even artistic touch to his/her meat concoctions.

After first introducing the customized skewer to high-profile Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann (and soon Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Daniel Bouloud, among others), JWT Brazil and Tramontina are now rolling out the product to not just BBQ maestros and industry folks, but the general public via a special sale at T store Tramontina in Rio de Janeiro.

JWT Brazil chief creative officer Ricardo John says:

“Tramontina is truly passionate about barbecues.  No matter how many thousands of utensils they produce every month, they still have a twinkle in their eyes, like artisans. A customized piece especially forged for each barbecuer is a very special thing not just for the chefs, but also for the brand.”

What cook of any real stature wouldn’t want to sign such a carnivore’s delight?

JWT Brasil Teams Up with Dolby to Celebrate Sound of Coke

While recent efforts for Coca-Cola have celebrated the centennial of the classic Coke bottle, JWT Brasil chose to highlight a different side of the experience of cracking open a Coke: the sound. The agency teamed up with Dolby to capture the sound of opening a bottle of Coke and pouring it over ice in Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for a cinema campaign in Brazil.

The resulting 30-second spot presents a view from inside the bottle as it is popped open. As the carbonation bubbles and the soda streams upward, the shot changes to the soda being poured into a glass. All the while, the main focus is on the sound of the drink’s effervescent release. While it’s hard to get the full experience without being in a theater, JWT Brasil seems to have done a good job capturing the moment of opening a Coke in auditory form — not a bad way to get movie goers thirsty for the beverage.

“Only an iconic brand like Coca-Cola can turn the act of opening a bottle into an amazing sensory experience,” said JWT Brasil chief creative officer Ricardo John, in a statement. “With that in mind, our goal was to bring this sensation to the extreme. To achieve that, we could only rely on the sound quality of a brand like Dolby.”


Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Client: Coca-Cola
CCO: Ricardo John
CIO: Mauro Cavalletti
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Creative Director: Enoch Lan, Santiago Dulce
Art Director: Rodolfo Garcia, Pablo Lobo, Marcelo Monzillo
Copywriter: Fernando Duarte, Hiroito Gomes
Producer (ArtBuyer, RTV, Graphic, Digital): Márcia Lacaze e Daniele Pizzo
Account Manager: Felipe Giacon, Stefano Paduan
Project Manager: Thiago Segundo, Daniel Rybak
Media: Stella Lopes, Beatriz Luna, Ligia Mattos
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Gisele Bambace
Client Approval: Javier Meza, Adriana Knackfuss, Marcelo Pascoa, Paloma Azulay, Juliana Assad
Composition: Ruriá Duprat
Music Production: Ruriá Duprat e Eduardo Santos
Dolby’s Team: Carlos Watanabe e Alex Sobral
Film Producer: CLAN vfx
Sound Producer: Banda Sonora
Mix and Recording: Eduardo Santos, Marina Santana, Márcio Amaral
Account: Rosária Santana, Dudu Santos
Sound Producer: Estúdio JLS & UpMix
Producers: José Luiz Sasso, Ricardo Bertran e Toco Cerqueira
Account Production: Bia Ambrogi
Guidon’s team: Guto Guidon, Tabida Barrionuevo, Edielson Aureliano, Eduardo Rocha, Pedro Jafet, Giovanni Asselta, Nick Viana

What Does a ‘Business Road Trip’ Entail? JWT Brazil Fills Us In

Armed with a boatload of brands as support including Shell, Nestle, Coca-Cola and Bridgestone, a trio of bikers including JWT Brazil creative director/copywriter Hernán Rebaldería decided to make a 3,500km trip through through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina riding old Vespas for 12 days while only using products made by clients of JWT. Talk about the ultimate show of support and a little bit of showing off of its client roster. The journey, which the parties involved hype as costing half the price of a single-page ad in one of Brazil’s most prestigious magazines, is documented in the five-minute clip above. Their destination? The international Vespa meeting in Paraguay. Let’s live vicariously and enjoy Rebalderia and pals ride bikes with names like “La Negrita” as they make it through their South American sojourn. Credits after the jump and a print version of their documentary can be found here. After viewing this, at least we have a hankering to invest in a Vespa.


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JWT Brazil Tries to Make Decaf Happen for Pilão

JWT Brazil has a new campaign attempting to make decaf seem like an enticing option for Pilão Decaf.

Now decaf coffee is a pretty hard sell, other than with those can’t have caffeine for health reasons, but JWT Brazil came up with an interesting angle. The campaign sets out to prove that decaf coffee, like regular coffee, can be a great working companion — even without the stimulative benefits of caffeine. So they show that great things can be achieved after some sleep by highlighting great breathroughs made after a good night’s sleep, inspired by dreams. In the animated spot above, for example, JWT Brazil tells the story of Dmitri Mendeleev, who got the idea for the period table of the elements in a dream. Unfortunately, the narrative being set to a lullaby only detracts from its impact. The print campaign is more effective, utilizing surreal, dream-like imagery in telling the story of other important ideas inspired by dreams. Stick around after the jump for an example of the print campaign, along with credits. continued…

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JWT Brazil Creates ‘The Bible of Barbecue’ for Tramontina

JWT Brazil created an interactive cookbook entitled The Bible of Barbecue for leading Brazilian cookware line Tramontina.

Pages of the book can actually be utilized to create authentic Brazilian barbecue. One page, for example, breaks apart into charcoal to start the fire, while another can be used to sharpen your knife. There’s also a cutting board, salt to season the meat, an apron, tin foil, and even a serving dish. It’s a fun idea, which JWT describes as “a sensory fusion of tactile experience, visual design, and most importantly a tribute to the brilliant flavors that result from expert cooking.”

The Bible of Barbecue has been shared with master barbecue chefs in Brazil, and a version will soon be available in select bookstores. Check out the case study video above to learn more, and stick around for credits after the jump. continued…

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JWT Brazil Uses Graffiti Interventions to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

JWT Brazil, the agency responsible for the “91 Rock Clock” progressive wake-up app and turning Brazilian teen mag Capricho into an iPhone amplifier for Coca-Cola FM has a new project raising breast cancer awareness for A.C. Camargo Cancer Center.

Dubbed the “Anti Cancer Paste Up,” the project uses the graffiti and tagging around Sao Paulo to raise awareness for breast cancer. The narrator of the spot remarks that everyone always assumes the graffiti was done by male artists. So JWT used painted posters over the graffiti of several artists, in each case pasting over an image of a breast with a post-mastectomy image, in an attempt to spread the message that breast cancer “is a real problem and…can happen to anyone.” The WPP-owned agency hopes that the “youthful language” of graffiti can help them reach young women and convince them to get breast exams that can result in a 90% treatment success rate. It’s the kind of innovative and unusual approach we’ve come to expect from JWT, and should turn some heads to raise awareness of an issue that’s much too easy to ignore. Credits after the jump.

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And Now, a Little Wake-Up Call from JWT/Casa Brazil

JWT Brazil chief integration officer Mauro Cavalletti and his crew continue their string of quirky projects (remember this?) with this latest app called “91 Rock Clock,” which will wake your ass up–but in progressive fashion–as it veers from soft AM gold to heavier rock tunes (think Metallica and Sepultura). Think of it as a snooze button with distortion. In case you’re not based in South America, 91 Rock Radio is a rock radio staple in SA and…well, let the video above explain things. We’re light sleepers, so we’d probably spring out of bed during an REO Speedwagon track, but if you’re into it, you can go here or here to download the app. Credits after the jump.


New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media.