Danny MacAskill's Truly Epic Ride Through a Scottish Ridge Proves Nothing Is Impassable

Skye’s the limit for Danny MacAskill. And he doesn’t need a plane to soar. He flies just fine on a mountain bike in this seven-minute dazzler called “The Ridge.”

The gorgeously shot vdeo finds the cyclist back home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, his epic adventure captured by helmet-cam, drone and lenses that are seemingly everywhere.

This outing shares the spirit of the exhilarating clips that made him a star, while supplying MacAskill with an infinitely more stunning visual canvas. It provides an intriguing contrast with his “Imaginate” film from last year, where he performed stunts in a fantasy recreation of his childhood bedroom with giant toys, books and loop-de-loops for props.

That voyage was internal, a trip through MacAskill’s mind to share the cyclist’s youthful dreams. But in “The Ridge,” we’re treated to the ethereal but very real grandeur of the Cuillin Ridge, a fog-bound, craggy stretch of mountains, 3,255 feet at its peak, that resembles the terrain of some distant planet. That effect is heightened by MacAskill’s row-boat arrival at the hauntingly beautiful spot.

No other humans are in site, strange creatures splash in the shallows, and Martyn Bennett’s hymn-like vocals ring out on the soundtrack. It’s as if MacAskill trekked across the void, or perhaps journeyed back into prehistory to perform and explore.

MacAskill’s exploration of Cuillin’s awe-inspiring topography is sure to thrill fans (the clip’s already approaching 10 million YouTube views in less than a week) and delight brand sponsors (Five Ten, Enve Composites, Red Bull and Santa Cruz Bikes among them). Which is all for the best, since the shoot was an intense labor for everyone involved.

“It was a serious effort to just get to the filming locations,” says Stu Thomson, who directed both “The Ridge” and “Imaginate.” “The Cuillin Ridge is seven miles long, and to get to the easiest summit is at least two hours of hiking up, and then two hours back. We had to carry food, water and all our camera gear, including the drone and eight batteries for it, in and out each day. The longest day on the mountain was 8 a.m. until 1 a.m., and included a total of seven hours of hiking for five shots in the film.”

Red Bull's Danny MacAskill Rides the Playboy Mansion in the Best Action It's Seen in Years

Traditionally, the Playboy Mansion’s main attraction has been the small army of Playmates who hang around it. But professional cyclist Danny MacAskill manages to overshadow even the bunnies, as he turns the estate’s grounds into a trials-style obstacle course in this new ad for Red Bull.

It’s not that a couple of scantily clad women aren’t featured heavily in the two-minute clip. But the promise of sex is practically table stakes in advertising aimed at young dudes. Sad as it may be, the oversexualized shots of ladies lounging in bikinis and under waterfalls serve more or less as background once MacAskill starts doing his tricks—it’s just much more fascinating to watch him jump off walls and ride backwards down a hill on only his front wheel. In fact, even the actual birds—parrots and flamingos—make for more novel b-roll.

Overall, though, it’s deftly filmed, and fun to watch. The soundtrack, “9.2.5” by Ghosthouse, is a great fit, and showcasing an offbeat street sport in a clever way is right in Red Bull’s branded content sweet spot—even if this iteration is less charmingly inventive than MacAskill’s work for the brand’s “Imaginate” series last year or the amusingly overcomplicated Red Bull opening machine to which he contributed in 2012.

As for the tawdriness, MacAskill, who now has some 100 million views across his YouTube portfolio, seems more interested in the terrain than his co-stars. “It turned out there were some decent bits to ride, but it was quite hard with all those girls distracting you, quite hard work doing all this riding [laughs],” he says in a Q&A over at the brand’s website. “I’m a little too shy for that kind of stuff.”

World of Red Bull 2014

Utilisant le nouveau morceau « Come Get It Bae » de Pharrell en featuring avec Miley Cyrus, la nouvelle campagne World of Redbull 2014 permet de mettre en avant ses athlètes de l’extrême en action, à l’image de Sally Fitzgibbons et Jamie O’Brien en surf ou encore le plongeur Orlando Duque pour ne citer qu’eux.

World of Red Bull 20147
World of Red Bull 20146
World of Red Bull 20143
World of Red Bull 20144
World of Red Bull 20142
World of Red Bull 20141

GoPro’s Super Bowl Ad Looks a Lot Like Red Bull, Circa 2012

When we heard GoPro was going to be a Super Bowl advertiser again this year, we were prepared for something epic. And while the event the camera brand chose to feature is definitely a monumental moment, it's also … kinda old.

GoPro today unveiled its 30-second Super Bowl spot, which shows the first moments of skydiver Felix Baumgartner's 24-mile plunge to the earth way back in October 2012. Baumgartner and sponsor Red Bull used seven GoPro cameras to document the Stratos jump, and GoPro's Super Bowl ad serves mostly as a teaser to the eight-minute short film created from all that footage. (Which you can also see below.)

Leveraging this partnership to create Super Bowl ad content makes sense on one level, but the decision also banks on the hope that Red Bull itself hasn't already sucked all the marketing marrow from the bones of this extensively publicized event. 

Even last October, Red Bull released its own nine-minute video recapping the jump from Baumgartner's point of view. While the new Stratos video hosted on GoPro.com reveals a few new angles, it's essentially just the same thing we saw last October, which was the same thing live viewers saw a year before that.

In a statement, GoPro acknowledges that it's treading a bit of a worn path, but the brand is confident the Stratos jump still has a lot of excitement to offer:

"While many people are familiar with the Stratos event, what most don’t  know is that GoPro rode shotgun during the jump, documenting every moment with seven HERO2 cameras. We want audiences to understand the insane versatility of GoPro cameras, from baby walkers (see our Baby Dub Step Super Bowl commercial from last year) to outer space. We want them to experience the Stratos event again, for the first time, through our video story, and with the out-of-this-world imagery that only a GoPro can deliver."

Millions have viewed Red Bull's footage, but clearly there are millions more who missed the hoopla the first few times around. Will they be impressed with GoPro's example of the great heights its devices can reach and document? Or will they miss the GoPro logos and just wonder why Red Bull is still running an ad from 2012?


Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand

La semaine dernière, l’ultime étape de la saison de Red Bull Cliff Diving a eu lieu au milieu des paysages de Krabi en Thaïlande. Un évènement impressionnant remporté par le plongeur Artem Silchenko qui se dévoile dans une série de photographies à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand10
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand9
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand8
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand7
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand5
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand4
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand3
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand2
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand
Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 in Thailand6

Terrifying POV Footage of Red Bull Jump Shows How Felix Baumgartner Got Out of an Uncontrolled Spin

If the mere idea of falling 24 miles through Earth's atmosphere weren't scary enough for you, here's some footage that shows how truly terrifying it really is.

Red Bull has released nearly 10 minutes of first-person footage from Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump last Oct. 15 from the edge of space to the desert of New Mexico, along with visualized data showing his altitude, speed, heart rate and G-force stress. If you can handle it, it's worth watching just for the first 90 seconds, when Baumgartner struggles through an uncontrolled spin at 800 miles per hour.

Wired explains: "A relatively mild instability beginning about 25 seconds into the jump appeared to stabilize as he accelerated towards his top speed of Mach 1.25 (844 mph). But as Baumgartner continued to fall through the very thin air, the lack of control was apparent and the spin progressed into something that looks much worse from his point of view than it did from the outside."

Using his arms to regain control, he managed to get back on track, and the rest is relatively smooth sailing. For those who want even more, check out Red Bull's full documentary on the Stratos jump.


‘Stuntbrofessional’ Satires Energy Drink Marketing in NOS Digital Campaign

Coca-Cola's NOS Energy Drink takes stupidity to a "hiiire" level in a mind-meltingly over-the-top series of digital clips mocking the marketing tactics used by competitor brands like Monster and Red Bull.

Clocking in a bit under two minutes each, the clips from agency Mistress feature the many failed job interviews of Jordan Treehoefer, an "energy drink marketing stuntbrofessional for hiiire."

Treehoefer is the oafish em-bro-diment of loud, loutish, big-time energy drink promotions, and the videos detail his attempts to get a job hawking NOS, only to fail because the brand is too legit. An overcaffeinated pastiche of John Belushi, Bob Odenkirk and Randy Savage, Treehoefer is like an amped-up grizzly bear with a marketing degree.

This buffoon unloads many choice lines during his mildly NSFW "interviews" at NOS, such as: "Is your mind getting hard? I'm about to blow it;" "People respect you when you blow your wad;" "You've gotta blast your logo all over everyone's faces;" and his oft-repeated mantra, "People are stupid."

Treehoefer's all about staging outrageous stunts to promote NOS (and coincidentally satirize other energy drink brands). While wearing a spacesuit, he pitches a Red Bull-esque Mars expedition, screening animation of an astronaut whose head explodes into dollar bills as he removes his helmet. "Boom! THAT'S how you sell energy drinks!" He's got mad cycle tricks in his repertoire, such as the "McGloryHole3000," "McGrundle720" and his signature move, the "940McWankle," in which he rear-humps the handlebars while flying through the air.

Like the product being advertised, this stuff is an acquiiired taste. Some viewers won't last through 20 seconds of these videos—but they're probably not in the demographic, anyway. The brand's young male target market appears to be responding, with the ads generating more than 1.5 million combined YouTube views since the first clip was posted a month ago. Check them all out after the jump.



Red Bull cria stop-motion com a colaboração de usuários do Instagram

Utilizando mais de 20 mil fotos feitas durante o Red Bull Cliff Diving, em Wales, a Red Bull criou um stop-motion que registra de forma diferente o evento, realizado em setembro na Lagoa Azul, na costa de Pembrokeshire.

O projeto contou com a colaboração de três usuários do Instagram –  @danrubin, @jeera e @chaiwalla, e o desafio proposto pela marca foi registrar os ângulos mais interessantes da edição, inclusive os mergulhos feitos a partir de uma plataforma de 27 metros.

Depois, as imagens foram combinadas em um video de 2 minutos (que pode ser conferido aqui), para mostrar a bela paisagem da região, a reação do público e os momentos mais surpreendentes do dia.

Vale lembrar que, alguns dias depois da edição de Wales, o Red Bull Cliff Diving passou por Niterói, no Rio de Janeiro – onde rolou até um mergulho em grupo.

O último evento do ano está marcado para 26 de outubro, na Tailândia.

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It’s Been 101 Years, but It’s Still Too Soon for Titanic Jokes in Advertising

Even though more than a century has passed since the Titanic sank, it's still too soon to joke about it in ads. Red Bull got in trouble for this ad hinting that the more than 1,500 people who drowned in April 1912 could have survived if they'd had the renowned energy drink aboard—because it "gives you wings." Don't worry. In Britain, the Ad Standards Authority was alerted, as 79 complaints have been lodged against the ad, including one from the Titanic Heritage Trust. Red Bull's slogan is OK—it's better than the more truthful "Red Bull tastes like mouthwash"—but maybe they shouldn't apply it to real historical disasters anymore. Go ahead and crumple up those Hindenburg sketches, fellas.


Emerging from the Logos

« Emerging from the Logos » est une série de posters imprimés « en édition limitée » représentant uniquement les sponsors des différents modèles de voitures de Formule 1. Imaginées par le londonien Yoni Alter, ces visuels composés de logos permettent de deviner la forme des monoplaces Red Bull, Ferrari ou encore Lotus.

Emerging from the Logos-4
Emerging from the Logos-3
Emerging from the Logos-1
Emerging from the Logos-2
Emerging from the Logos-5
Emerging from the Logos-7
Emerging from the Logos-6
Emerging from the Logos-8

Danny MacAskill Lives Out Childhood Fantasies in Wonderful Red Bull Video

This seven-minute Red Bull video cements Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill's standing as a badass brand spokes-man.

It took 68 weeks over a two-year period to shoot this mix of fantasy, memory and dazzling bicycle stunts. A former museum in Glasgow was transformed into a Land of the Giants-style version of MacAskill's childhood bedroom, cluttered with outsized rubber balls, playing cards, colored pencils, comic books, a Rubik's Cube, a Twister game, alphabet blocks, a race-car loop-de-loop track and even a toy-train-and-station set.

As arena-rock ("Runaway" by Houston) blares on the soundtrack, the YouTube star, who's notched 60 million views across his video catalog, performs a crazy array of jumps, turns, spins and landings among the kids' stuff scattered across the floor. In the best bit, he lands on a tank turret and rides down the cannon, only to have green plastic army men spring to life and make off with his bike.

All this fanciful action is taking place inside the mind of a pre-pubescent Danny MacAskill as the boy sits on the floor, surrounded by toys and games, devising wild stunts for an action-figure cyclist to perform. Playtime abruptly ends when his mother threatens to "shoot the boots off ye" if young Danny doesn't hurry down to tea. (The daredevil's real mom, Anne, makes a cute cameo.)

MacAskill wears a Red Bull helmet, but the brand's presence is never intrusive. Instead of just peddling image or product, the film scores as entertainment, and this pumps up its value as branded content. Of course, it doesn't scale the heights of Red Bull's Felix Baumgartner viral. It's similar to the marketer's Rube Goldberg clip, which also featured MacAskill, but I prefer this new video, part of his "Imaginate" series. It unabashedly celebrates creative play and suggests you just might be able to ride the dreams of youth and make them come true.


Red Bull – MacAskill Imaginate

Red Bull a imaginé pour le professionnel du street trial Danny MacAskill ce film « Imaginate ». Ce dernier se retrouve au milieu de jouets pour enfants fabriqués à une taille géante, permettant d’observer des tricks impressionnants dans des décors inattendus. A découvrir en vidéo dans la suite.


Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 8
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 7
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 6
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 4
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 3
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 2
Red Bull - MacAskill Imaginate 9

How Red Bull Quietly Took Over NYC for Its Red Bull Music Academy Event

There's nothing subtle about Red Bull the drink—it gives you wings, after all—but Red Bull the marketer decided to keep its messaging low-key around a recent New York entertainment/pop-culture event. Title sponsorship aside, the brand promoted its two-week Red Bull Music Academy mostly with logo-free wallscapes, subway and outdoor ads, wild postings, website takeovers and a free, daily, non-advertorial, 80,000-circulation newspaper. (Sample story: "Celluloid Heroes: New York Cinema and Its Soundtracks.") The omnipresent, art-heavy campaign, from Brooklyn-based ad agency Doubleday & Cartwright, pointed local music fans to the academy's collaborations, performances, workshops and labs, using spokesman Questlove as a focal point. (See some of the work in progress in the video below.) Attendance was reportedly strong, propping up the idea of content marketing as a way to speak to hard-to-corral hipsters and young music lovers.


Motion to Light Wakeboarding

Red Bull et Snap! Orlando ont demandé aux wake-boarders pro Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington et Dallas Friday d’accrocher des lumières à leur planche. Le spécialiste du light-painting Patrick Rochon a ensuite eu l’occasion de capturer les trajectoires des mouvements afin de créer des visuels splendides.

Motion to Light Wakeboarding 5
Motion to Light Wakeboarding 6
Motion to Light Wakeboarding 4
Motion to Light Wakeboarding 3
Motion to Light Wakeboarding 2
Motion to Light Wakeboarding 1
Experimental project between sports and art in collaboration with Red Bull.

Red Bull – Defeat

Le réalisateur Matthaüs Bussman a dirigé cette vidéo pour la nouvelle campagne de la marque Red Bull. Intitulée « Defeat » ce spot dévoile un homme parcourant une ville plongée dans la nuit, éclairée par les néons ainsi que l’énergie de différents sportifs. A découvrir en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.

Red Bull - Defeat4
Red Bull - Defeat3
Red Bull - Defeat2
Red Bull - Defeat
Red Bull - Defeat5

The Big Brand Theory

Le designer basé à Kuala Lumpur Ewan Yap a mis en images son idée de « Big Brand Theory », cherchant à agrandir les logos afin de donner un nouveau graphisme aux canettes. Convaincu que cela n’empêche pas le client de reconnaître la marque, des mises en situation sont à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

The Big Brand Theory12
The Big Brand Theory11
The Big Brand Theory10
The Big Brand Theory9
The Big Brand Theory8
The Big Brand Theory7
The Big Brand Theory6
The Big Brand Theory5
The Big Brand Theory4
The Big Brand Theory3
The Big Brand Theory1
The Big Brand Theory2
The Big Brand Theory13

O mundo de Red Bull em uma sequência fotográfica

Já tem um tempo que a Red Bull estabeleceu parceria com fotógrafos especializados em esportes radicais e tem publicado fotos bem legais em seu site. Mas talvez um dos resultados mais felizes desta parceria esteja em World of Red Bull on Sequence, uma coleção de 18 fotos sensacionais que combinam frames múltiplos dos atletas patrocinados pela marca.

Para produzir a sensação de movimento, os fotógrafos utilizaram um tripé e sobrepuseram os frames em camadas, criando uma sequência perfeita. 

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Where the Trail Ends

Après l’impressionnant Art of Flight, voici un nouveau film proposé par Red Bull « Where the Trail Ends » suivant les plus grands sportifs de vélo de montagne évoluant à travers le monde. Ce trailer met en action Darren Berrecloth, Cameron Zink ou encore Kurtis Sorge pour un film prévu pour septembre 2012.

Kurt Sorge - Action
Where the Trail Ends6
Where the Trail Ends5
Where the Trail Ends1
Kurt Sorge - Action
Where the Trail Ends4
Darren Berrecloth - Action

Art of motion

Advertising Agency: Lowe MENA, Dubai Director: Mark Lewis Creative Director: Mark Lewis Associate Creative Director: Mansoor Bhatti Copywriters: Mark Lewis, Sanjay Mathur,Bianca Bernstein Art Director: Simon Reid Senior Producers: Souraya El Far, Farouq Kamel Senior Account Manager: Roland Charbel DOP / Camera Op: Sherif Mokbel Sound Design: Khaled Hamdy Music: Getty Images Audio Mix: BKP Dubai Voice Talent: Mustafa Yassin Via [AdsOfTheWorld]

Red Bull | Soapbox Racer

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

Advergame de corrida é o que mais se vê por aí, mas o Soapbox Racer de Red Bull é um pouco diferente. Primeiro por causa da temática, que traz para a internet o conceito de carros customizados, no melhor estilo Corrida Maluca, explorado nos eventos da marca.

Depois por conta do nível de personalização. Você pode construir seu carro como quiser, a partir de diversos tipos de materiais. Bem, isso se vários formatos de papelão contarem como mais de um material. Outra opção é desenhar a sua própria pista de corrida, e colocar nela os obstáculos que quiser.

Assim como em um evento Soapbox Racer da Red Bull, apenas um carro pode correr na pista por vez, mas você pode convidar amigos para participar de um torneio multiplayer. A interface é um pouco confusa no início, mas as ferramentas disponíveis brilham mais do que esse defeito.

A criação é da agência londrina Less Rain.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer

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